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Grasshopper Film will Release ‘Driven to Abstraction’ August 28th

DRIVEN TO ABSTRACTION – Directed by Daria Price
Grasshopper Film will release Driven to Abstraction on select digital platforms on August 28th
Driven to Abstraction unravels a mutating tale of self-delusion, greed, and fraud – the $80 million forgery scandal that rocked the art world and brought down Knoedler, New York City’s oldest and most venerable gallery. Was the gallery’s esteemed director the victim of a con artist who showed up with an endless treasure trove of previously unseen abstract expressionist masterpieces? Or did she eventually suspect they were fakes, yet continue to sell them for many millions of dollars for fifteen years? Whatever the truth, two women from very different worlds were, wittingly or not, caught up in the greatest hoax ever of Modern American Art.

About the Director

Daria Price works in both documentary and narrative film. Making Driven to Abstraction, she spent years following an art forgery hoax and the New York trial that exposed the scandalous habits of the art trade. It premiered at Raindance Film Festival in London in September 2019, where it was nominated for Best Documentary Feature. Daria’s first feature Out on a Limb won Best Documentary at the Boston International Film Festival and was broadcast throughout the USA and world. Daria wrote, directed, and edited the award-winning short Survival of the Fittest, a satirical mystery that lampoons America’s obsession with youth and beauty. She is a member of IATSE and Writers Guild of America East.
Distributor: Grasshopper Film
TRT: 84 min.
Director: Daria Price
Producer: Daria Price
Cinematography: Peter Sova, Daria Price, Peter Cayer, Palu Abadia, Martin Himel
Editor: Daria Price
Music: Steve Khan, Franco Rampazzo
Production Company: Under The Sign LLC
Courtroom Illustrator: Elizabeth Williams
Graphic Artist: Adam Weston

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