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Gold-Plated Galaxy S4 is the Bling

So, you’ve got a lot of cash and you want to buy the best smartphone money can buy right? Well, the latest and greatest smartphone in the world, is definitely Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy S4. However, the Galaxy S4 doesn’t look all that great and unique unless it’s wrapped in Gold or maybe, platinum.

Gold-plated galaxy s4

Rejoice, my fellow rich android fans, because we bring you the new Gold-plated Galaxy S4 to add to your collection of jewels. There is however, a catch – it costs some serious money so you better start saving.

This is not the first time that companies rolled out luxury smartphones for the elite. The famous racing car manufacturer, Lamborghini already offers a few premium android phones for a premium price, along with other companies offering the same as well. However, the new Gold-plated Galaxy S4 won’t cost you a big fortune, it will only cost $2,600, then again that’s a big fortune for a guy like me.

Paying that much money for a smartphone is kind of ridiculous, but clearly the rich don’t mind shelling it out. I wouldn’t know I’m broke. This company GoldGenie is the one behind gold-plated Galaxy S4 as you can see in the images. Unfortunately, they’re sold out at the moment.

You will have the option to choose the base color of the smartphone, White or Black and you will get the 16GB version with Quad-core processor. The device will be fully unlocked and support all of the carriers. All the specs will be same as usual, the only thing that changes is the rim of the device, it will be all Gold.

The Gold-plated Galaxy S4 will come in a specially designed Cherry Oak box, that will definitely make it worth the $2,600. So, if you have the extra cash and you’re looking for a powerful phone with some luxurious looks then the Gold-Plated Galaxy S4 is the perfect companion for you.  Apart from Gold, you can also order it with Platinum or Rose Gold

For extra details visit the official site.