Ghost Financial Sees A Bright Future in Ghostkitchens

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Ghost Financial is a comprehensive platform that provides seamless solutions for restaurant owners has decided to place a significant level of investment in Ghost Kitchens. The firm offers a cash-back credit card, ghost kitchen insurance, loans for expansion, and payroll solutions.

Ghost Financial, announced that it will be partnering with Cruising Kitchens as its financial partner. Ghost financial is willing to provide almost $100M and customized insurance to the customers until 2025. 

This partnership aims to streamline and manage the process of Cruising Kitchens by providing financial stability to deal with restaurants and brands that look forward to moving into the mobile ghost kitchen industry.

In addition, the ghost kitchen business is also empowered by providing expansion loans, cash back cards, and different insurance products. This partnership will also allow different national quick-service restaurants, brands, and food chains to expand their business and promote off-business-hour sales. 

How does this partnership help Ghost Kitchens?

As mentioned above, local and regional customers will be provided cash back rewards. The operator’s margin will be increased by 10 percent through these cash-back rewards.

The CEO of Ghost Financial explained his enthusiasm over the expected increased impact, size, and scale through this partnership. Meanwhile, the CEO of Cruising Kitchens explained how the partnership with Ghost Financial would enhance the operations and transform the place into a better and more creative space in the food and beverage industry. In addition to this, he also explained that three components make Ghost kitchen the leader. These three components are accuracy, speed, and consistency. 

Besides this, Ghost Financial has also developed multiple relationships and collaborated with multiple debt financing providers to expand the expansion loan component. In addition, this brand always stood up to help the food industry. 


Ghost Kitchens Are On The Rise

Ghost kitchens are on the rise and there are a few points that are interesting here. First, it is important to note that as remote work grows and stays strong, it makes it to where remote workers may continue to order or take food to go. 

If that is the case, then it makes sense for restaurant operators to keep it simple and to keep operations lean. Instead of investing in a large space, they would be better off sharing a space with others or having multiple concepts or brands from one team. The consumers make the order, the food is delivered, and the cycle continues.

At the present moment, there may still be some fear about going out too frequently, as there may be some lingering COVID-19 fears. 

Another trend that may drive Ghost Kitchens if people would rather stay within their homes instead of going out frequently due to fears of safety, monkeypox, or other problems.

At the same time, Ghost Kitchens may not have fast regular growth. They may have a boost from the pandemic but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to stay inside and live a majority of their lives from inside of their homes. There may be some trend reversals but Ghost Kitchens are likely here to stay and may continue to grow gradually.



More About Cruising Kitchens 

Cruise Kitchens is not fulfilling one role but has many roles. Cruising Kitchens is one of the leading mobile ghost kitchen manufacturers. In addition, they are also custom food truck builders and leading mobile business fabricators in the world. The company has recently worked on its expansion and has expanded to a 240,000 square foot warehouse. Cruising kitchens also deals with kitchen trucks and trailers, shipping container trailers, multimedia trucks and trailers, and much more. 


More About Ghost Financial 

Ghost Financial was founded by John Meyer initially. John Meyer is an entrepreneur, investor, and ghost kitchen operator. Moreover, the company deals with financing ghost kitchens and other platforms, such as food chains and restaurants. They do so by providing insurance, credit cards, and expansion loans.


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