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Get Paid to Create on Byte, the New Vine App

Byte Wants To Fight Tik Tok and Instagram and Snapchat

It wasn’t so long ago that short-form video platform Vine rose to popularity, created iconic videos, rose new influencers to fame, and was then shelved by parent company Twitter within 3 years of its launch.

But even within its short lifespan, Vine spawned an internet culture that still refers to some of the most popular videos that were created on the platform.

Now, Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann is leading a reincarnation of the popular app. Dubbed as Byte, the so-called new Vine app platform brings back the 6-second video recording services that Vine brought to the mainstream.

After being in the works since 2018, Byte finally launched on App Store and Google Play on January 24, 2020. While the app is just another version of Vine and has garnered over a million downloads within days of its launch, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram’s short form video features give it quite a tough time. The content creators who were once faithful to Vine have moved on to these platforms, and are actually generating millions of views for their viral content.

To attract those once-faithful content creators of Vine while also attracting new users to Byte, Hofmann and his team are offering to incentivize content creation on the new app.


What is the New Vine App Doing to Reward Content Creators?

Along with launching to the masses, Byte has unveiled an Initial Partner Program that rewards content creators in exchange for sharing their creativity on the platform.

According to details shared on Byte’s official website’s community section, the approach will see content creators getting paid directly by the app. The funding will come from ads by brands who are creating their own “Bytes”, and will be put towards a Partner Pool that will then distribute the earnings towards creators.

According to Byte, new Vine app will pay its content creators by sorting them in viewership brackets. The higher the view count is for your videos, the more you will get paid via the partner pool. The partner pool itself will be replenished every 120 days in order to distribute payouts in four installment periods of 30 days each.

The program sounds a bit complicated at first. But Byte promises that it is actually very easy to understand. According to the platform, the program has been tested to ensure that the ads are not interfering with the content and only act as standalone Bytes that users can see on the platform.


We know that this  a great opportunity for the right person. Learn more about the Byte partner program and become the next great influencer of the new app.

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