Geeky Wedding Ideas That Work

Geeky wedding

Although grand, traditional wedding ceremonies are still commonplace, retro and personalized celebrations have become more and more popular. Just browse Pinterest or Tumblr with marital keywords, and you’ll find hundreds of mustache masks and geeky themed desserts and decorations.

Each bride and groom is different, and they’re free to make whatever choices they want for there special day. This is and will always be true. …That being said, we’ve all seen instances of people who simply try too hard to set their day apart from the rest. Some “hip” trends have lost their step due to overuse, but the following list is of wedding ideas that have stood the test of time. They seemed trendy once, but unlike trends, these didn’t fizzle out. A good idea is a good idea.

The PhotoBooth

Now, I know that the concept has indeed been used tirelessly, but hear me out. You don’t have to include a goodie box of feather boas, mustache crap, and giant sunglasses to make your photo booth entertaining. The addition of dry erase or chalkboard quote bubbles is one of my very favorite ideas.  Guests still have the option of making those silly faces, but with real context behind them.

Also, you can throw in props that have special meaning to the bride and groom. Like Lord of the Rings action figures, Hogwarts robes or Hulk hands. You can even find printable props online like the Star Wars masks below.


The Untraditional Cake Topper

Gaining popularity in the 1950’s, the wedding cake topper quickly became tradition. Usually depicting the bride and groom in formal attire, these small figurines represent a sense of togetherness as they sit atop the cake. Nowadays you can find cake toppers with themes from traditional to wacky in stores or online. Miniature representations of famous geeky couples have become extremely popular. Whether action figures, molded clay or sculpted from fondent, presenting yourselves as Han and Leia is totally acceptable. My personal favorite topper is a TARDIS replicate with the bride and groom figurines escaping into the box for a big adventure.


Table Décor That’s Not Flowers

This is where the fun really begins. When your guests first enter the reception space, you (the bride or groom) will likely still be off somewhere smiling for pictures. You won’t be there to welcome everyone and show people around, so your décor has to speak for you. How you decorate your tables is easily one of the most important decorating decisions since your guests will be at their tables for quite a while to wait, eat, and mingle. You can use unique but inexpensive table runners for your table decors.

Some great centerpiece ideas include toys like LEGO sets or other miniatures, DVD cases, books, or even mish-mashes of game controller sculptures. Use your imagination, but don’t let it run too rampant. Make sure to stick to your wedding theme and don’t go too overboard with color. There is a way to marry wackiness and class. Also, if you do use LEGOs in your decor, keep a look out for cousin Charlie’s kid. He is sure to run off with a few LEGO spacemen if the opportunity arises.


The Quirky Attire

This is where things can get a little tricky. You and your beloved, the wedding party, and even the guests are charged to dress appropriately depending on the theme. A casual celebration may call for jeans and your favorite superhero shirts, or if you’re going for a more medieval look there are bound to be Ren Fair type garb–not too difficult. But if you’re not looking for either of these extremes, plenty of people have devised clever and geeky ways to add bits and touches of themselves into their more traditional attire.

For women, accessories like jewelry, clips and shoes can be easily edited for ultimate geekiness. Wear your grandmother’s pearls for the ceremony, then switch to something funkier for the reception. For men, themed ties or cuff links can be a small but visible bit of quirk.


Did you plan gloriously geeky nuptials for you and your sweetie? Take this opportunity to relive that glorious day, brag a little, and maybe inspire a future geeky bride or groom in the comments.