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Garmin Virb Elite: HD Video With Built-In WiFi and GPS Capabilities

The GoPro camera has proven to be an innovative little device, catching action from a point of view never seen before. Almost every extreme sport out there uses the camera to give a first person point of view of the athletes. They have even been strapped to wild animals like bears and eagles. Garmin has recently brought their own touch to the concept of portable and durable high-definition cameras with the Virb Elite Action Camera. It could even prove to be competition to the GoPro.

Camera Specifications

The Virb Elite can record HD video in your choice of the following modes: 1080p, 960p, 720p and 828p. You can also change the frame rate, which ranges from 30fps to 120fps. The 2,000-mAh battery has been tested to be capable of recording up to three hours of video of the highest resolution on a single charge. Along with video recording, the Virb Elite can also take photographs at up to 16 megapixels.

GPS/Wifi Capability

As a Garmin product, the Virb Elite most surely has GPS capability. This feature allows the camera to record your speed and altitude, great for you ambitious skydivers and extreme sports enthusiasts. It also has built-in WiFi that can be picked up from your smartphone. From there, you can control the video settings, and stop and start recording without needing to touch the camera. The camera is also compatible with wireless sensors like heart monitors that are connected to ANT+ software. This information can be displayed in your video as well.

Editing Software

The Virb Elite also comes with free software called Virb Edit. The software, which runs on both PC and Mac, lets you view your videos and edit them in terms of clipping, trimming and stitching. Any GPS or ANT+ data that was collected during the recording can be displayed onto your video. Once the project is finished, it can easily be shared through your preferred social media outlet.

Customizable Mounts

The Virb Elite package includes a large variety of mounts and other accessories to record from multiple angles and perspectives. Along with the camera, you will get a protective cradle, a flat surface mount, a curved surface mount, an adapter for other popular mounts and a threaded collar.