Geeky Love: A Very Geeky Engagement

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What happens when geeks fall in love? Well, whether they agree that Halo is the best video game ever, or argue over which one will be the Doctor’s next companion, or who will catch all the Pokémon first; here are some great ideas for a very geeky engagement.

Cat5 rings

Getting Down on One Knee (to Save the Universe of Course)

To get everything started the question must be popped, and what better way to do that than with a geeky obsession. Whether that is video games, comics, Sci-fi shows, rocks and minerals, computers, or books, Geek Insider has the information needed to see to make informed decisions about making the beginning of the rest of geeky life together amazingly a-dork-able.

Dna ring Jakering1

There is a plethora of choices out there anything and everything geeky, from Pokemon to Play Station to Adventure Time to computers to meteorites have been made into engagement rings.  There is even a company that grows rings made of bone harvested from your significant other’s skin cells, so you can wear your partner’s bone.

Time and spaceRing grown from other's cellsPlaystation ring

If you are prone to geek out over Indiana Jones, there is an Indian Jones ring that has a golden topaz gemstone, reminiscent of the golden statue stolen in Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc, with Indie’s whip in white gold creating the band.

Indiana jone's ring

Or if you’re thinking of asking someone to run away with you through time and space, a ring created to look like the band is the TARDIS, or just the one where the TARDIS is engraved on it would look lovely. But there is also a beautiful golden ring with dark blue gems in a TARDIS ring box saying “Will you be my companion?” that will get the job done even better.

Doctor who ring


If you love comics or cartoons, check out these rings. A Spider Man ring that is white gold with red and blue stones set into a spider web surrounding a square diamond, the inside of which has the spider symbol.

Spider man ring

Or maybe a Decepticon is better, with this beautiful simple looking ring that when looked at closer shows a side face with the Decepticon symbol on it. Maybe Batman is more the style of comics you are looking for with this stainless steel black band and silver bat symbol engraving.

Batman ringDecepticon



Harry Potter is also (of course!)  found in this geeky ring collection with a beautiful silver setting that is made to look like a snitch’s wings and a topaz stone. Or there is a more obvious route with a 14karate gold ring made to look like Harry’s glasses and lightning strike birthmark.

Harry potter ring snitchPotter ting

Old computer and technology parts have been made into engagement rings for geeky lovers, as well. There are rings made of meteorite, cat 5 matching his and her rings, microchip rings, Lego rings, DNA strand rings, and even rings etched with the sound waves of the one you love saying “I love you” or whatever the two of you want said.

Metiorite ringMicrochip ring

Sound waves


But for those geeks that love Zeld, Zora, Stargate, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, or gaming there are many choices, as well. Like this beautiful white gold, blue and diamond gemstone R2D2 ring, or a white gold and yellow gold replica of the gate from Stargate, white gold 12 sided dice replica from the Dungeons and Dragons game set in a beautiful white gold band with tiny diamonds around it.

Zelda triforce

Zora ring

Startgate ring

Dungeons and dragons ring

Lego ringR2d2 ring

Star trek

If you are looking for ideas about how to geekily propose to that special someone, why not check out, a compilation of geeky proposals. There is everything from proposal via crossword puzzle to proposal via arcade high score to proposal via search results. Anything and everything can be found on here, and if nothing on this site is what you are looking for or not as special as you want, why not figure something out to go with the geeky themed ring just found. Propose via the thing the two of you are passionate about.

Mario ring box

Planning an Adorkable wedding

While rings and engagement parties and proposals are important they all lead up to the big day. The Geeky Wedding! But what’s the first step? While there are many different things to think of, the wedding invitations are a must to start with. And has a plethora of geeky wedding ideas. Just go to and search geeky weddings and over 100 pages of items pop up from cake toppers to wedding invitations to practical groomsmen gifts and items. is a geeky wedding planers dream. There are Lego, x-men, Zelda, etc. cufflinks and tie clips for the groom and groomsmen as well as comic book shoes and jewelry for the bridesmaids. Comic books strip or Zelda wedding invitations. Scott and Ramona, from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, wedding cake toppers, Dalek and Dungeons and Dragons wedding cake toppers complete with dice.

Comic wedding shoesGeeky cufflinks

Geeky tie clip Scott and ramona

Dalek cake Dandd cake

Supergarter Minions


Just have fun and celebrate the life you are about to share by letting your geek flag fly!