A Geek’s Night Out? There’s an App for That

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A lot can go wrong if the perfect night out isn’t “perfectly” planned – and in order for your night to be fantastic, not mentioning thrilling, then you should definitely check out the applications below that I think are great for making sure that everything is OK and going to go smoothly – as well as fun!

1. Google Maps

Free for iPhone and Android.

It’s a no-brainer not to have Google Maps installed on your phone when scouting the streets for the perfect bar to get realistically drunk – mainly because it’ll direct you exactly to where you need to go, making sure you never get lost on the way. I much prefer Google Maps when compared to Apple’s version.

2. Yelp

Free for iPhone and Android.

Whilst there are plenty of other awesome resources, applications and services out there to get the best advice possible, Yelp must be one of the most popular options to go for. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and sleek design, you’ll never have a problem when looking for recommendations on bars or drinks.

3. Instagram

Free for iPhone and Android.

C’mon – it’s always nice to take few photos and videos when having an awesome night out. If you agree, then you really need to get Instagram downloaded on your phone, because it’s so awesome! You can easily take amazing pictures, edit and then share them for your friends to see.

4. Urbanspoon

Free for iPhone and Android.

If you’re looking to get more information specifically on restaurants, then you may want to check out the Urbanspoon app. Unlike Yelp, you will get details on pricing and be able to see what types of food a particular restaurant offers – much easier than searching the restaurant’s name individually.

5. Fandango Movies

Free for iPhone and Android.

This helpful app lets you check out movie times and theater listings, as well as information on a particular film – including ratings and trailers. In the long run, it’s a lot better than going to a cinema’s actual website, because it saves time and energy – plus it’s a free app!

6. OpenTable

Free for iPhone and Android.

Looking to book a restaurant reservation…but in a faster way? Then OpenTable is the app that you should download! It allows you to easily search your current location, pick a suitable destination to eat, as well as dates and that. And there – you can easily book.

7. Twitter

Free for iPhone and Android.

Most people use social media sites nowadays, but Twitter in particular is possibly the best site to be signed up to, when wanting to follow different accounts to get the latest information and gossip from, as well as a quick tool to get in touch with family and friends.

8. Taxi Magic

Free for iPhone and Android.

It can be hard when hitting the town, and there’s no cabs to pick you up – thanks to Taxi Magic, this problem has been solved. This awesome app finds the nearest transport link, providing you with their contact details. And because of the app’s simple layout, you’ll never end up confused.

9. The Classic Calculator

Should be available on all phones.

Every phone has a calculator, and when you’re trying to work out hard theories and maths, then it can come in handy. Take a scenario when it’s your drink round – what happens if you suck at maths and can’t work out how much you should be paying – then the calculator will be helpful!

10. BestParking

Free for iPhone and Android.

Once you’ve picked a destination to go to, and if you plan to get there by car, then you’re going to need to find a place to park – but what happens if there’s no room for you to park? To make life easier, this app finds the perfect place for you – all you need to do is download the app and make sure your location services are turned on.