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Geeks Anonymous – Recap of the Week, Join the Conversation

Welcome back to Geeks Anonymous, the cynical recap of the tech world of recent. First I must apologize for my absence, I relapsed, yes I relapsed. I took on the task of trying to upgrade all of my custom classes on my Xbox Live account; I learned my lesson so save the pep talk. But I’m back and I see some new faces in our meeting circle! Today we will be working a little differently and encouraging the rest of you helpless tech addicts to chime in on the discussion, but we’ll get to that later.

These past couple weeks in the tech world have been a little unexpected and the advances seem to grow exponential which leaves me a bit worried. Take Samsung for example, the Galaxy S IV provides a scroll feature that uses the front side camera to recognize head movement cues. Imagine the most disguised infiltrating robot ever, and call it the newest smartphone to the Galaxy family. Although I will praise Samsung’s slight triumph over the Apple powerhouse.

Google is in the news again, surprising right? Not at all, but Google now offers 3d channels to their Fiber TV subscribers, so Google of them. You can expect such an extreme service from the do-it-all company. Let’s take a brief intermission and continue after this much needed cookie break.

No Boundaries in the Galaxy

Once this Peeping Tom is placed on the Galaxy S IV hardware will there be any stopping this spying eye? Is this meant to help or watch? I really haven’t decided, I guess we will all have to see. The auto-scroll feature is trained to detect where you are giving your attention and when you aren’t giving attention at all. The concept is pushing towards tailored apps, a little too personal for me. But personal information doesn’t seem to be a boundary any longer. They can learn many things about their phone users with a personal feature that basically charts their attention and they can correlate that between which information is demanding their interest.


I want to know where we draw the line, is such an exposing feature even morally correct? Too much data may be left in the hands of the advertiser and the media. If I could I would watch the face of every girl in a 3 mile radius just to be nosy.

Fiber Does the Body Good

Google now offers two new 3D channels to its television service which include channels 3net and ESPN 3D. I hate 3D film with a passion, I’ve never been a supporter of the makeshift revolution to make everything futuristic. Google Fiber is reportedly one of the best high speed package connections that can be offered. Up to 1000 Mb per second proves to never require buffering. As a Fiber member you can also record up to eight programs at once to the two terabytes of storage. A terabyte of cloud storage is offered as well, so your files can sit safely on Google Drive.

But now that Google Fiber offers 3D television I see it as a stretch given all the other qualities that are presented.

Fiber TV subscribers will already be locked in to receive 3net. The 3D programs will show a number of concerts, cooking programs, family entertainment, and more. Remember the HD upgrade and now high definition has become a standard on every television? Will 3D follow in its footsteps? I hope not, who wants to sit down and eat frat food with a pair of paper glasses on just to get the effect.

Those with the best discussion points will be featured at our next Geeks Anonymous meeting! Join the conversation and walk into the light my fellow tech addicts, I’ll be at the end of the tunnel to help you through.