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Geek Qualities: How They Can Make Or Break You

To some people, hearing “Oh my gosh, you are such a geek!” is equivalent to the entire world crashing down around them and fire raining down from the sky. However, being a geek isn’t as bad as many people are led to believe; in some ways it can be a very good thing! Geeks are seen as somebody who is very knowledgeable, even obsessed, about a certain topic. Going by this there are many different things people can be geeky about: video games, movies, books, music, fashion, and even crocheting. They also usually find that they have very similar qualities no matter what field they find themselves specializing in. While these qualities can be good to have, they can also be very bad and cause others endless irritation.


Your Geek Qualities Will Make or Break You

Contrary to popular belief, geeks are actually very sociable. They tend to be an energetic, passionate lot. This quality can be enormously helpful in many ways. The positive energy geeks emanate is contagious and can attract many new people; this will make it easier to make new friends or even meet that special someone. Employers also really love to see this quality; they’re always on the lookout for energetic people who can get the job done and done well. Unfortunately, this energy and passion geeks have also has its downfalls. Many geeks are prone to being long winded, and even pretentious sounding when discussing with others, especially about something they love. Geeks can talk for hours or even days about their favorite game or book, and while this may not be a problem with others of a similar mind (who will most likely be contributing just as much to the conversation) it can be very annoying to those in your inner circle who do not enjoy those topics or at least don’t enjoy them on that very geeky level. Remember, while the history behind different musical instruments can be a very interesting topic to talk about, it’s also a good thing to be aware of who is around you at the time and whether or not they will appreciate having to listen.

Another good geek quality to have is that geeks tend to pay attention to the little details in life. This can also be very helpful in relationships by spotting a potential problem early on and fixing it. It can be used to remember special dates or a certain pair of pants or restaurant their significant other said they liked. This is a great quality to have for a job too; many companies want employees who are detail oriented and can catch on to the little things. However, this quality doesn’t come without its downside. As detail oriented as geeks may be, often times they find themselves comparing the things they notice to their particular obsession. If a friend is going through a rough time, like a bad break up or finding themselves unemployed, they might not appreciate being compared to a book, or a movie, or even song lyrics. In fact, if that friend is venting about how life sucks or about how the opposite sex is full of lying, heartless monsters, it’s probably not a good idea to mention that Peter Parker went through that same situation. That tidbit of information will likely not be received well.

Geeks tend to be creative thinkers as well. They are constantly analyzing their choice of obsession and looking at it from many different views. This can lead to some very creative interpretations on their part, and it gives them a quality well worth having. Sometimes in life hardships need to be looked at in many different, sometimes unorthodox ways. This is where that creative thinking will come in and save the day! By using that imagination, any problem can be solved. However, like everyone else, geeks must be careful not to over think things. Sometimes the answer is very simple and over thinking the problem will only make the situation more complicated and tangled. Thinking like Harry Potter can get you out of a lot of trouble, but it can get you into just as much too.

Being a geek is great; it’s fun and there are always going to be many people out there who all share similar interests. The qualities obtained from said geekyness can also be helpful in everyday life. They can help to obtain jobs, build relationships, and think creatively. However, geeks need to be careful not to let those good qualities turn into bad qualities. As blasphemous as it may seem, the world does not revolve around Batman or Game of Thrones and sometimes acting like it can put a strain on relationships. Geeks are very smart though, and can usually tell when the right place and time is to unleash their knowledge and love of their particular subject and when to just keep it inside.