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Geek Girl Fashion: The Women of Marvel

Hello there, all you geeky fashionistas! Let me ask you a few questions. Do you love it when fandom and fashion collide? Would rather dress like a character you love than fill your wardrobe with whatever color is in? Do you scour Etsy for fandom purses or model your going out clothes after Felicia Day rather than Kim Kardashian?

I’ve always loved expressing my interests in what I wear. The fandom t-shirt is great while sometimes just a subtle homage to your favorite women of television, film, video games, and music is just right. Whether you’re going to the office, out with your girls, on a sexy date, or to a hella rad theme park, you should be able to wear your passions wherever you are! So let’s talk Geek Girl Fashion!

The Women of Marvel

Since this is the first column, I thought we’d start with something broad that most geek girls would appreciate: the women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What do these ladies all have in common? Strength, honor, ass-kicking abilities, and divine fashion sense! Here’s how you can get the look of these tough and amazing characters into your regular wardrobe.

1. Jane Foster: Comfy and Down-to-Earth

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Jane’s look is my favorite out of all the Marvel women. She is minimal on the makeup with a straight and sexy hairstyle and a LOT of flannel. Seriously, the girl wears flannel like every day of the week. And why wouldn’t she want to? It makes it easy to look cute while being a brilliant astrophysicist out in the field. (Four for you, Jane Foster. You go, Jane Foster!) Target’s got a cute and affordable flannel top that’s very Jane, and so does Tilly’s (even though its annoyingly called a boyfriend shirt). The secret to Jane’s look is not her boyfriend’s clothes; it’s layers. A cargo jacket, like in Thor: TDW, or a long-sleeved undershirt to go with your flannel is a great way to get her look. Definitely go with jeans and don’t forget your wellies!

2. Pepper Potts: Savvy and Professional

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Pepper has to hold her own against Tony and a host of other weirdos, and her clothes reflect that. She’s got the sexy, platform heels, the killer pantsuits, and dresses that incorporate her sophistication as well as her femininity. Pepper’s clothes are inspirational for a fierce but professional work look. And the french twist is severe while the bangs soften it: a nice balance for a powerful woman. To get her look, try some affordable but conservative dresses like the one above and remember that the key to Pepper’s look (and life, especially as she’s grown throughout the series) is confidence.

3. Maria Hill: Sleek and Militaristic  

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Many of Maria’s scenes take place when she is in her shield uniform. But she keeps her dark toned style throughout, even when she’s working overtime. Maria’s look is so sleek and edgy that it’s pretty much perfect for anything: comfy nights in like one above or rolling around town in something more inspired by her S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform (like a faux leather jacket from Lord and Taylor). You can find a similar jacket to the one above here, and if you’re hoping for her S.H.I.E.L.D. look, try something like this. You’ll feel just as tough when you’re hitting the gym! (Bonus: Etsy has a S.H.I.E.L.D. pin that’s similar to the one Maria wears in Captain America: TWS).

4. Natasha Romanoff: Dangerous and Sexy

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Natasha Romanoff exudes the sex and danger you would expect from an assassin. Most of us don’t have quite as troubled a past and unclear a future as the Black Widow, but you don’t have to in order to dress like her! Any of Natasha’s clothes are great for when you need to exert a little dominance and make your presence known. For some reason, no one seems to understand that women want bulky, leather bomber jackets, but until that day comes, you can find a slimmer version of Nat’s here. You can also get her look with knee high boots and plenty of form-fitting black tank tops! Also, if you really feel like splurging, you can get the arrow necklace she wears in Captain America: TWS from Tiffany & Co (or get a cheaper version on Etsy). 

5. Peggy Carter: Sophisticated and Timeless

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It’s not easy to be the only woman Marvel whose storyline mostly takes place in the 1940s and still be able to make a lasting fashion impression. But who among us didn’t want that amazing red crepe dress? Here is a similar dress that’s a bit more daywear but that Peggy would still be proud of. Peggy’s clothes are often uniforms, but she gets her own signature flair into them. Her looks really are timeless, and you can get them with white button-down shirts with the collar up over your jacket and gorgeous red lipstick. And go ahead, pay homage to her with an army green tie. You’ll look classic yet progressive!


These are the looks of some of my favorite Marvel women, and there is pretty much a look here for every event. Adding geekery to your wardrobe gives you a fun way to plan your clothes and can infuse you with the confidence and strengths of that character. Join me every other Wednesday where we will talk fandom and fashion.

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