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J.J. Abrams’ Latest Tweet Reveals New ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Clue

J.J. Abrams took to twitter yesterday to thank fans for participating in the Force for Change fundraiser, finally announcing the lucky fan who scored a minor role in the film as well as revealing a robotic hand prop that has set the internet reeling for answers.

J.J. Abrams Takes To Twitter To Reveal New Information

Star Wars: Force for Change is a massive online fundraiser that J.J. Abram has been running for the last few months, encouraging fans to donate to UNICEF Innovation Labsand Programs, benefitting children in need. By donating, fans were also able to place themselves in the running for a chance to play a minor role in the new Star Wars film. Throughout the process, Abrams has been dropping small clues and hints about Star Wars: Episode VII in his announcement videos, slowly revealing aspects of the universe. This video revealing the new X-Wing Fighter is particularly memorable.

In his latest and final announcement, Abrams tweeted a handwritten note thanking fans for raising over five million dollars for UNICEF Innovation Labs, and revealing D.C. Barns as the lucky winner. The video above shows Barns talking about his love for the Star Wars franchise ever since first seeing the original film in 1977, as well as the heartwarming moment when he learns that he has won a trip to the set in London and will also be appearing in a scene in Episode VII.

While Abrams’ announcement note is exciting on its own, what fans are most intrigued by is the robotic hand holding the note. All we have so far is conjecture as to whose hand it could be (which, of course, is exactly what Abrams wants). The hand could be nothing more than the part of a droid, but it could also hint at a major plot point in the new film, and the fact that Abrams saved it for last in his series of clues gives it even more significance. The major theories guess that the bionic hand could belong to Luke Skywalker, who lost his real hand in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, or maybe even to Anakin Skywalker. The robotic hand certainly does resemble that of former jedi Anakin Skywalker, and judging by its worn appearance in Abrams’ picture it seems likely that it’s been around for a long time (say, 30 years?) and has survived some wear and tear. We last saw Vader going up in flames in a funeral pyre, but it’s possible that the hand could have survived.

Speculations abound, but we won’t know the answer to the mysterious robotic hand and whether it truly did belong to a Skywalker until the film hits theaters. Abrams clearly loves to toy with the rumor mill, so we should be cautious in jumping to conclusions. If rumors and hints accomplish anything, they certainly hype up the excitement for the film, and if you’re anything like me then you can’t wait to get some answers. At the rate things are going, it seems more than likely that we can expect to see more hints and clues from Abrams in the coming months, and while these clues may be infuriatingly vague we can’t help but be drawn in. Star Wars: Episode VII is one of the most anticipated films of the decade, so we’ll take anything we can get.

In the meantime, one thing we do know is that actress Daisy Ridley has signed on for two more Star Wars films after Episode VII, so clearly her character will be important.

Star Wars: Episode VII will be released on December 18, 2015.