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GE is Giving Away 12 Free “Build Your Own Jet Engine” Kits

General Electric has just announced that it will be holding a sweepstakes to give away 12 3D printed “Build Your Own Engine” packs; these kits that will allow any aviation geek (or any geek really, I mean, who wouldn’t want this in their house?) to build their own working miniature jet engine.

A Cute Little Miracle In A Box

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It’s a little mini working model jet engine created using a 3D printer. The mini jet engine was created by GE’s designer, Patrick Saville, and is described by GE as being able to “fit comfortably on desks, mantelpieces, and most birthday cakes” and will take up to 12 hours to build.

It’s no surprise that GE would want to stir up excitement about the uses for 3D printing. They are one of the very few big corporations that constantly use 3D printing for prototypes and even final products. They now use 3D printing to manufacture parts for their jet engines. GE uses a type of 3D printing known as “Direct Metal Laser Melting”, where the machine slowly melts down metal powder to create 3D objects. The surprising thing is that, not only do they use 3D printing for parts, but they print out parts in mass quantities. This means, since they are one of the largest suppliers of jet engines to Beoing and Northrop Grumman, you have probably ridden on a plane with 3D printed jet engine parts.

Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, firmly believes that 3D printing is the next big thing in the future of manufacturing, especially regarding the speed and ability to customize parts that 3D printing will allow. He believes that 3D printing can help designers create prototypes faster and more accurately.

How To Enter

It’s easy to enter for a chance to win and you don’t have to buy anything. Anyone who is a resident in one of the 48 continental states in the US and D.C., who are above the age of eighteen, can enter (unless you or any of your immediate family members are an employee of GE). Just click on this link and fill out the entry form. The contest runs from July 11th, 2014 until July 21st, 2014. After that, 12 winners will be chosen, notified by email, and can expect to get their cool little “Build Your Own Jet Engine” kit within 4 weeks.

For those of you unable to qualify to enter the contest, don’t worry! GE has uploaded the design files of the model engine to Thingiverse, so you can download them and print them yourself, if you have a 3D printer. Instructions on how to build the model can be found on Imgur.

Regardless of the reason why General Electric wanted to sponsor this super cool sweepstakes, it’s still a really awesome chance to get to build your very own miniature jet engine. So make sure you enter before the deadline ends on July 21st for your chance to win something that will make all your friends green with envy!