Games That Are Better Than Their Movie Counterparts

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In the world of film, it’s widely accepted that the movie is never as good as the book. And that is probably true. You’d be hard pressed to find a book where the movie competes. There are the odd few: Die Hard, Fight Club, Jaws and The Graduate all stand up pretty well.
But think of a movie that beats the video game it’s inspired by and you’re head is likely to explode, turn to mush or at the very least you’ll lose a life and have to start at the last checkpoint.
We take a look at the worst five movies that have failed to take the video game to the next level.


Super Mario Bros

Based on the two loveable plumbers created by Nintendo, Super Mario Bros was a disaster.

Speaking to The Guardian back in 2007, lead character Bob Hoskins said the movie was the worst thing he ever did. And it is. The movie was originally to be penned by writing duo Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, attracting the likes of Hoskins and Dennis Hopper to the screenplay. It ended up the brainchild of Parker Bennett, who has since gone on to write one episode of Sweet Valley High. Need I say more?


The Hitman franchise has been around for well over ten years and has been a staple release in any serious gamer’s library. Expanding into a number of other ventures, the series has become a novel, and has even made its way onto hand-held devices on the Android casino games at Royal Vegas.

However, a film release back in 2007 did not do it any favors. Starring Dougray Scott and Timothy Olyphant, the movie has a 14% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was listed in Time magazine’s top ten worst video game movies of all time.

Street Fighter

The idea of Street Fighter turning into a movie is actually mightily appealing. For many video game fans around the world it’s the ultimate fighter game. However, the film tries too hard to impress them.
In a nutshell, the movie recreates the game but with real people. It fails to capture the audience with an interesting narrative or character investment. With the video game you can save your progress and switch it off. With the film, you just switch it off.

In The Name Of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

Jason Statham stars in this 2007 fantasy adventure based on the Dungeon Siege game series. That probably tells you enough about how good it is.

Many have attacked the movie, seeing it as no more than a Lord Of The Rings rip-off. It was nominated for five Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture and Uwe Boll winning Worst Director. But this didn’t stop the brave German. He has gone on to release The Name of The King II and III on the big screen in the last few years, albeit to an empty theater.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

One of the hit franchises of the modern day era, Tomb Raider has spread into comic books, novels, theme park rides and of course the movies starring Angelina Jolie. Whilst commercially a success, with the first film rating as the second most successful video game adaptation to date, both films have bombed with the critics.

A third movie is set for release in the next few years and is hoping to turn the fortunes of the world’s Most Successful Human Virtual Game Heroine.