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Gamers Have a Lot to Look Forward to in 2017

The new year is nearly upon us, and it’s looking to be plenty exciting for gamers. There’s no shortage of games promised for 2017, but here are few that stand out.

Mass Effect: Andromeda


Andromeda will carry on the name of the beloved Mass Effect trilogy in 2017. Players will be getting a whole new galaxy to explore with a new set of characters this coming Spring. It will be released on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Gamers waiting patiently for red dead redemption 2

Rockstar teased fans in October with a trailer for this highly anticipated sequel in their Western series. Glimpses of the impressive scenery of the game were shown, but there still isn’t much known about the specifics. It’s due to come out in Fall 2017 on Xbox One and PS4.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole


Here comes another quest based on your favorite South Park characters, this time assuming superhero personas. You’ll play as the New Kid again in this RPG adventure, and surely encounter the familiar toilet jokes of the The Stick of Truth. It’s scheduled to be released in March on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Resident Evil 7: BioHazard


The next numbered installment of the Resident Evil series will return to its original style…sort of. You will play in first person rather than third, but this game won’t be the action packed style of the previous few. The movement is slower and tenses you for its plentiful scares. You can look forward to playing it early in 2017 on Jan 24 for Xbox One, and PC.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Fans of Zelda have been patiently waiting (or not) for this game for years now, and it’s nice to confidently say we are nearly in the year of its release date. Whether or not it will release alongside the Nintendo Switch is still up in the air. Nintendo has provided us with plenty of shots of the landscape in Breath of the Wild, and fans are itching to explore it, open-world style. It’s will be released on the Wii U and Switch.

For Honor


You’ll have no shortage of brutality with this mix of Vikings, Samurais, and Knights. The game promises to be fast paced with an interesting story line as well as a multiplayer mode. Available in February on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands


This is the first in the Ghost Recon series to bring an open-world style of gameplay. Players can work cooperatively to complete their mission. Interactions that occur while not completing a mission will have an impact on the story line. It’s due to come out in March on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



This fantasy RPG is looking to be action-packed and comes from Platinum Games, a company not unfamiliar to that sort of game. Its style seems to incorporate both modern and medieval themes as your character rides atop a dragon, headphones slung around his neck. It’s release date on the Xbox One and PC isn’t known.

Mario on the Switch


So we don’t know what exactly it is or when we’ll get it, but we know we want it. Rumors suggest the Mario game shown in the Nintendo Switch’s debut video will be launched with the console in March.


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