Fundamentals to Follow While Vaping at Workplace

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E-cigarettes and vapes have been trending for quite some time now. Thus there has been a continuous drift pattern seen in people who are adopting vaping over smoking. But is it possible to vape in the office? 

Many offices have separate smoking rooms where people can take a smoke break but is it the same case with vaping? Vaping is not precisely the same as smoking, but if at all vaping is allowed in the office, then it is mandatory to follow the fundamentals to maintain your image at the workplace. 

So here are a few things that you need to take care of while vaping at work:

Adhering to the rules

Every office and workplace may have different policies for smoking and vaping. So if at all, you are allowed to vape inside the office premises, make sure that you do not prove yourself to be a jerk and vape wherever you wish to like. 

This act may just piss people off and may land you down into trouble if anyone goes against you to file a complaint. So make sure you get yourself aware of the vaping policy in the office and vape at the designated place.

Be courteous

Do not be a desperate vaper; even if you are allowed to vape at work, do not let others’ eyes go wide seeing your vaping style. Be courteous while you vape, do not let your smoke be eliminated on others’ faces. 

And, if you are at a place where there are other people sitting around, always showcase your manners and ask the people around if they are okay if you vape besides them. Only then, go ahead or search for another place for yourself.

Do not use strong flavors

Just because you are allowed to vape at the office, you cannot be a scent bomber. When you vape a strong flavor, it will no longer be a secret because people will find it out when you enter back into your office cubicle due to the strong scent that you will bring along. 

Vaping flavors can be thought of as similar to perfumes- you wear it, and the world knows about it; the only difference is its scent and fragrance. 

So if you do not want the world to know about the awesome cannabis vapor you just vaped or don’t want to spot a few colleagues stuffing their nose with their handkerchiefs, make sure that you use flavors that are mild and do not tend to irritate others.

Fill your tanks at home

Do not bring empty tanks and plan to refill the same at the office. Always make it a habit to fill the vaping takes before you step out of the home. Filling it in the office can mess up the place and may also release strong odors that the non-vapers may not like.

Do not preach vaping

You like vaping, and that is your choice, don’t let your choice dominate or force on others. You may be a traditional smoker and may have the feeling of more people joining you for a vaping session and thus may end up forcing others to do the same. Keep all your vaping preaching and ideologies to yourself until and unless you are asked for some advice.


 Vaping in moderation and responsibly can ease things out and make vaping simple at the office. We hope that we have given you some golden rules to abide by while vaping at the office. Make sure that you adhere to the same to prove yourself to be a responsible vaper.

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