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Frontier Airlines Pass Costs $599 With International Destinations

Frontier Airlines has unveiled more details for its new all-you-can-fly pass, which also includes international destinations. Dubbed as the GoWild! Pass, the offer is available for $599 for the first year. To be clear, it offers the ability to opt into domestic and international flights.

Through this all-you-can-fly pass, Frontier Airlines customers can fly to multiple destinations at a fixed cost. This curbs the usual costs that are associated with air travel and makes your trips more affordable.

Of course, there are aspects to watch out for when it comes to different deals and opportunities. It is important to read the fine print before your purchase the Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass. Let’s find out more about this pass and why you may want to take a look at if you are a frequent flyer.

Frontier Airlines Pass: International Destinations Are Also Allowed

Seeing that all-you-can-fly passes have been around for a while, the Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass is not a novel concept. But it goes a step further by offering international flights at a highly accessible price. 

Through the GoWild! Pass, you can fly to a slew of local and international destinations. While your local flights can be booked a day before your flight, you need to plan your international flights 10 days ahead of your flying date. 

The airfare is almost free and capped at $0.01, but you need to cover the costs for other charges such as applicable taxes and fees. These charges can start at $14 for domestic and $100 for international travel. But despite the slashed costs on airfare, you can still choose upgrades such as those for bags and seats. 

The Discount Offer Ends Soon

While the Frontier Airlines Pass international destinations are all included in the discounted price of $599 per year, the original price of the GoWild! Pass is higher and stands at $1,999 per year (which is also the renewal price after the first year). The discount offer ends on November 18, 2022. But there are chances that it may extend. 

Once you purchase the pass, you can take your flights on more than 300 days a year. This excludes blackout periods for the holiday season as well as busier travel times during the year. 

The offer is also available to all U.S. citizens who are 18 years or older. If the thought of taking flights at highly affordable prices excites you, you can explore the GoWild! Pass here.

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