Freak Out!: A New Zombie Game is Coming To Town

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Crowned Daemon Studios are creating Freak, a third person 2D top-down shooter with stealth and crafting elements for PC.

According to Christopher Arnold, one of the founders of the company, “The game we’re currently working on is named Freak. It’s a zombie game that revolves around Tinker, a teenage boy who is bitten and succumbs to the virus, but manages to maintain his humanity (essentially making him a human trapped in a zombie’s body). The object of the game is to make it to the one outpost that has the medical equipment necessary to figure out the cause of Tinker’s immunity. Because of Tinker’s appearance, both zombies and humans will attempt to kill Tinker on sight should he be spotted, so there’s also a major emphasis on remaining hidden or avoiding detection from enemies. During the course of the game you can also play from the perspective of other characters in order to experience aspects of the zombie apocalypse that often go unnoticed in other zombie media.”


There is currently no release date for the title but a demo will be made available by late June.

Crowned Daemon Studio’s goal is “to make games that demonstrate the legitimacy of games as a storytelling medium through interactivity and active participation by the player.” and are ” interested in telling stories with nontraditional characters and exploring conditions and themes through gameplay.”

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