The Flying Yacht: If A Boat And A Plane Had A Baby…

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In case you have a few millions laying around, here is your reason to splurge: the flying yacht.

The seaplane has four masts, giving the plane a wingspan of 90 meters. It is propelled by four engines and can travel up to 390 km/hr. It has two main decks. The lower deck has a bathroom, kitchen, storage room and main room. The upper deck has three main rooms and a bathroom.

Yelken Octuri designed a 150-foot “seaplane-convertible trimaran sailing yacht” that transforms into a seaplane. The sailing yacht was built at the Aerocoché plant in Salles sur Cérou, France and designed for the princes Aziz, Dawood and Hashim, corporate executives of the “Masqat Airways” air transport company. The princes wanted an elegant vehicle in which to sail and fly over the 600-mile coast of Oman.

Seaplane convertible yacht

Yelken Octuri is a French cabin designer, but his full range of works includes boats, furniture and aircraft design. In addition to the “seaplane-convertible trimaran sailing yacht”, Octuri has also designed a  “sailboat-convertible airplane” for Captain Silvan Mariachi. The boat is a four-seater sailboat with two large wings that serve as masts and plane wings and a propeller/rudder on the back. It essentially looks like a helicopter with wings. He has also designed as space shuttle for honeymooners that flies through space offering a weightlessness honeymoon in zero gravity.

Honeymoon space shuttle

Octuri has been recognized as one of the most innovative designers of his time. So if you’re looking to break the bank this spring, give ol’ Octuri a call and place an order. Maybe he can get it ready in time for spring break!

For more designs, check out Octuri’s website.