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Designers Create Gorgeous Sites With The Best Online Service In Existence

It would mean a great deal to designers everywhere if they could undertake site building projects all by themselves, and leave technical skills out of the equation. Not only does an independent approach significantly reduce expenses (because you wouldn’t have to work with a developer), but it is possible to use a professional tool and save a lot of time while doing only what you signed up for when you decided to be a designer – create beautiful pieces of work that your client will love.


I am going to tell you all about my favorite website generator and how it came to be an indispensable ally whenever I take a job that involves HTML5 coding on top of unfolding my design skills. Well over 4 million websites have thus far been launched through this channel, so I am not alone in thinking that I’ve found an accomplished tool. In other words, this is the story of and its many merits.

You will find it very easy to either start from blank, or choose a brilliant layout and go from there using advanced design tools – and it’s entirely free of charge. If it’s inspiration that you need, step one is to go through the wealthy collection of superb templates. Have a look at popular samples, or templates used in websites made for lawyers, restaurants, artists, etc; there are delightful layouts meant specifically for mobile sites, as well.


When a template strikes home, you need to click “Edit” below its thumbnail, and can then start working on it: drag-and-drop elements (videos, pictures, galleries, widgets, and whatnot) with ease, as well as manage pages, add favicons, and perform the necessary SEO calibration. Anything you need for your website is right there, and if something puzzles you – hit “Support” and help reaches you in a jiffy. The web design maker lives and breathes simplicity.


Once you click “Publish”, your site is immediately activated; it has impeccable cross-device and cross-browser functionality, and can be hosted on the kick-ass Amazon servers if that is your wish. And the best part is that the owner can later on edit its content as many times as required, without bothering you or your design. In addition, IM Creator’s White Label is just right for creative professionals, as it allows designers to properly set up their clients’ brand identity on their online business platforms.


There are three ways to use this marvelous software: as a free user, with a Premium subscription, or with a Pro plan. In the first case, the site can host up to 50 Mb and is published on a sub-domain. But Premium is a steal (it can cost you only $5.95 per month) – which is why it’s so popular, and with this plan you can publish on new/existing domain, as well as use unlimited storage and bandwidth, and customize an email account. So, what exactly is stopping you from developing wicked awesome websites with the most dependable site creator of all times?