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Flow Free: Android Based Puzzle Game

Puzzle boards usually don’t entice everyone. However, there is an exception in form of an Android game that definitely can get people hooked to puzzle boards – the name is Flow Free. Flow Free can entice anyone to play the game at least once. Join the matching color dots without letting the joining pipes cross or overlap. Available for free on Android, the game is a wonderful brain exercise that involves pure logics, and results in a lot of fun. Take it as a warning that the game can be highly addictive and consume most of your free time.

Flow free for android
Addictive Fun with Flow Free for Android

Flow Free: Basic Information

The game has been rated by a huge number of users on its official Google Play Store page. Flow Free has a whopping rating of 4.7 by its users; proof enough that you are missing out on some serious fun! The latest version is 2.0 and the download size is only 4.4 MB. You need to have a phone with android version of 2.2 or higher for playing this.

Check out the Tutorial

Before you start the actual game, I suggest you check out the ‘about’ section. This is nothing but a set of ‘how to‘ instructions that will help you out.

Flow Free Game Play

The puzzle board of Flow Free is designed in the form of a grid. Dots in different colors appear on the grid, and what you need to do is join the matching ones. Sounds simple? Not exactly! As soon as the joining pipes cross or overlap, they break and the level is aborted. Beginning with some simple warm-up levels, the game attains difficulty as it progresses to higher levels.

The Challenges Available

Different board sizes are the main challenge. While those with grid size 5×5 and 6×6 are easy to conquer, you need to dig your brain when the size reaches 14×14. You must know you need to cover the entire grid while joining the dots. Another big obstacle is to join all the dots in the least possible moves. If you can, then that would become your best move for that particular level. The top left of the screen indicates the number of flows possible, and the number of flows you have completed.

While you can take as much time as you want in the Free Play mode, it is exciting to challenge yourself through Time Trial Mode. In this, you can race against time (from seconds to minutes) to solve as many puzzles as possible. Set new records and try to break them next time.

I have a suggestion for you though. Only try Flow Free Time Trial, once you are bored of the free play mode or have completed the same.

Flow free
Flow Free

Engaging Levels of Flow Free

Flow Free can be enjoyed through hundreds of possible levels with a count of nearly 750 puzzles.  The levels are divided into different packs, like Regular, Bonus, 8×8 Mania and Jumbo Pack. If you want, you can purchase additional packs (with the advantage of ad-free versions) which include Green Pack, Blue Pack, 10×10 Mania, Kids Pack and Rainbow Pack.

The Highlights of Flow Free

Flow Free involves logics and challenges that can make it a great way to pass time. Worth mentioning are the simple graphics that confirm that a good game doesn’t always need to rely on complex visuals and animations. Sounds (water sounds) are also simple and effective.

Each and every member of your family would fall in love with this amazing puzzle game. For me, Flow Free is already in the count of the best Android games. It is very hard to pick a fault in Flow Free. As I really cannot find any, I will point to the presence of advertisements throughout the game. But, believe me, these are not really big distractions, at any point in time.