Flipboard Adds Support for Android Tablets

Flipboard for Android has seen a huge bump in popularity since the time it was launched. First of all, it was launched as an exclusive to the Galaxy S3 but soon made its way to the Google Play store for all Android devices. However, the app was still lacking some essential features like the support for Android tablets but as of today, Flipboard has received a new update bringing support for Android tablets to the app.

The new update brings support for 10” Android tablets and also improves the support for 7” tablets. In a nutshell, those who own a 10” tablet would be able to download the app from Google Play without having to sideload the APK file.

Also, people with a 7” tablet can now use the app in Landscape mode as well instead of the smartphone mode. Flipboard is now available on Google Play and in addition to that it is also available for Kindle Fire series and Nook tablets from their respective app stores, of course. No matter where you download it from, Flipboard is Free for all devices. Samsung will also dish out the new app to its 10” tablets in next software update.

For all the people with a 7” tablet, if you were using the app in Smartphone mode and were satisfied with it then we have some good news for you. As you can still use the app in the previous mode, all you have to do is go to the app settings and select your favorite mode of use. The new update has brought a wave of happiness among the tablet users; this will surely bring in more users and positive reviews for the app. Head over to Google Play if you haven’t downloaded Flipboard already.

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