“Fixing The Nexus Stock Issue is A Priority to Our Teams” – Larry Page


Google Will Make Nexus Stock Issues a Priority According to Larry Page

Lately, Google has been pretty busy with their 2012 Q4 earnings report. We’ve learned that their Q4 details have resulted in more than $14.4 billion in revenues for the company. Today, we listened to Google’s Livestream and the company’s co-Founder Larry Page mentioned some really important stuff, including the issue with the availability of the Nexus line-up. We thought you’d like to know how the company is handling their stock issues.
Even though listening to the whole live stream is highly boring for us mortals, it got interesting when Mr.Page took a couple of minutes from his busy schedule to update everyone on the terrible stock situation regarding the Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and other things that have a Nexus name plastered on it. He had the following to say regarding the issue.

“Clearly there’s work to be done managing our supply better, and that is priority to our teams.”

Even though that doesn’t shed much light on how the company is going to address the issue or when the devices will be re-stocked,  at least it makes it clear that they have realized their mistakes and poor calculations of supply and demand. Fortunately, they’re making this a priority for their teams. There are numerous potential buyers for these devices and they are waiting anxiously to get their hands on some of the best Android gadgets on the market. Unfortunately for Google, many others have moved on and bought something else.

Nexus devices have been the best selling from the first day of launch but unfortunately they all went out of stock pretty quickly. Google has been quite slow with their supply operations and Nexus devices have been on and off in relation to the Google Play store. With a price tag like the Nexus 4, it should be flying off the market; but every time we look at it, it’s just covered in the “Sold out” or “Out of stock” tag on the website. Many eager buyers have either moved on to something else or have saved their money for something bigger and better that is coming in the near future. So, if Google wants to keep their loyal fan-base they will have to work hard and make sure that the issue gets resolved sooner rather than later.

Have you landed a Nexus device yet or are you waiting for one, too?