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Feeling Down? The Top 5 Good News Websites to Cheer You Up

Mainstream media is full of stressing news from random shootings, pandemics, and international wars. Minds are full of stressing thoughts like, “I need to pay rent, buy essay online, do groceries..” and so much more. The positive news websites understand this and have decided to only focus on the good news.

You don’t need the frequent bombardment with upsetting and fear-inducing headlines every time you scroll through your device. It’s rare to find happy news dominating any mainstream media. 

The negativity leaves you overwhelmed and needing a counter site to make you happy and cheerful again. 

Below are the best positive news websites with daily doses of good news.

  1. Positive News

Positive News is among the most popular good news site today. It started in 1993 to produce reliable and positive stories. 

The Positive News site refers to the positive stories as constructive journalism, focusing only on happy news without any conflict-ridden or negative headlines. The site serves as an online publication as well as a quarterly magazine. 

In 2015, Positive News became a co-operative after a successful campaign dubbed #OwnTheMedia. Essentially, all the campaign backers became Positive News co-owners, introducing an unusual journalism model and keeping the publication accountable. 

Some topics on the Positive News website include economics, science, lifestyle, environment, society, etc. Note that you may encounter several British stories since Positive News is UK-based. 

However, the site also has a section for global stories. 

  1. Good News Network

One common aspect of all the positive news sites discussed here is that they have been around for a while, which is good news. The Good News Network started in 1997 and has over 22,000 positive stories in its archive.

Like the Positive News site, which focuses on UK news, Good News Network has a regional slant, with most of its coverage based in the US. 

The site comes in handy if you’re on the go, thanks to its apps for iOS and Android. Simply become a member of the site and support it through donations. 

Replace your regular news site with Good News Network to evade helpless social media and doomscrolling.

If you prefer podcast news, Good News Network has a podcast. It even has a dedicated section focusing on positive international news. Sure, you’ll even find positive news in Spanish. 

Good News Network remains a non-profit organization to prove that sites can focus on only the positive topics in life and still make some profit. 

  1. The Optimist Daily

Unlike other sites, The Optimist Daily seeks to take a quicker approach to journalism. It focuses on the current trends encouraging readers to maintain a positive mindset. 

The Optimist Daily is not only an alternative to mainstream media but also a source of happy news where you can get stories every day. 

So, you can find traditional news on other sites and still access The Optimist Daily positive news for free. Chiefly, the site shares the same mission with other positive news sites of minimizing negativity and spreading the good news. 

Moreover, The Optimist Daily has an archive of personal development guides and tips. 

  1. r/UpliftingNews

Reddit isn’t popular with positive news. Instead, it’s associated with controversy for its infamous Subreddits. The good news is that Reddit has a Good News section that can change your moods and social media experience. 

The Uplifting News Subreddit is solely a section to share and read uplifting and positive stories. The section started in 2012 and has so far garnered about 17 million active members. 

Thankfully, Subreddit moderators ensure the discussion is good-natured and focused. Besides, users encourage each other to stay focused, especially when things get into the undesirable territory. 

However, if you’re sensitive to negative news and want only to access the good news, you can ignore the discussions and stick to the stories instead. 

r/UpliftingNews has a diverse membership making it a vital resource for positive news worldwide. 

  1. The Happy News

Fortunately, there are good news newspapers out there, such as The Happy News. This is a quarterly newspaper by Emily Coxhead, a British illustrator and writer. 

Emily started with a Kickstarter campaign to launch the newspaper in 2015. You can subscribe to get the 32-page magazine if you’re more into good news away from the blue light. 

The Happy News newspaper has items chronologically arranged by month, with every issue centered on a specific theme. It also lets readers nominate the most inspirational organizations and people and lists them in the “Everyday Heroes” section. 

The Best Good News Website

Just by reading or watching stories on traditional media, you’d be frightened of how dangerous the world looks. Turning on the news daily and watching negative and upsetting news stories can be exhausting. 

This can change. Try out the positive news websites discussed here for feel-good news and stories. These sites also generate a dose of laughter, creating a happier global outlook.  

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