Fan Fiction: The Madness That Binds Us–Chapter Eighteen

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Chapter 18

“The Kiss”

I look across the room and see Rey struggling on the floor, her back bent slightly. My chest tightens and my legs freeze in place. Guards are surrounding her. I have to do something fast. I quickly finish off the guard I’m fighting and look back at Rey. She’s on her feet now but she’s being held by a guard. I rush over to help, blood burning and racing through my veins. Before I can get to her, a guard stops me in my path and hits me in the gut with a staff. Pain stings my stomach and my eyes shut involuntarily. It takes everything I have in me to keep going so I can get to Rey, but when I finally get my eyes to open, I’m grabbed from behind and put into a choke-hold. It’s like I’m running and running and going nowhere but backwards.

My eyes dart to Rey, and despite the fact that I may be facing death myself, I relax a bit when I see she is back on her feet and holding her own. She is fighting the second to last guard; the last one may be the one to take my life. I can’t let it though. I can’t let anything drag me to death now that I have so much to live for. I struggle against the staff and manage to send a spark of the Force to Rey’s mind. She sways one swing of her lightsaber at her foe, causing them to stagger back, and turns to look at me. She gasps from across the room.

Darkness fogs my mind and my face grows cold. Everything is closing in on me.

Rey and I share a look. I can’t think. I can’t speak. I can barely breathe. I can tell panic is spelled out on my face, but she looks completely collected. The guard Rey is fighting recovers and comes at her, but she slices right through him, spins, and throws her saber to me. I watch as it spins in the air, hurling towards me in a wheel-like motion. I fight and I fight to stay conscious. Life won’t end like this for me. It won’t.

I ready myself and then snatch it with my hand at the precise moment it reaches me. My thumb flicks the switch and the saber goes directly into the guard at my back. He collapses onto the floor and the staff releases from my neck. My throat is sore and my whole body is drained of strength, but as soon as it’s all over, nothing can stop me from reaching the woman I’ve been longing for.

My eyes stay on Rey as I move the lifeless weapon away from me and throw it onto the Throne Room floor. A flurry of emotions swell inside me, burning my flesh and filling my chest with sparks and crackles like an open flame. Rey is looking at me with the fierce, determined eyes of the warrior I fell in love with. This time, however, it’s different. They’re strong, but soft, and they remain fixed on me as she takes a step towards me.

I can’t take it anymore. I rush to her, my eyes never leaving hers, and the closer I get to her the faster I run. She begins racing to me as well, her face relaxed and a smile spreading across her face. For the briefest of moments, we are two shooting stars beaming across the galaxy at each other, causing a monstrous explosion.

As soon as she’s in reach, I scoop her up and hold onto her, afraid that if I let go she’d disappear. This strong, powerful, beautiful woman. I love her.

I lean in and kiss her, my arm wrapped around her waist and the rest of us still waiting to catch up. She lets herself fall into me and I kiss her more. She kisses back, our mouths in sync in a way only our minds have been. Her lips are soft and her tongue is sweet. She tastes better than I could have ever imagined, and I revel in the shocks bubbling under my skin when she touches me. Her hands discover me as she kisses me with fire. My arms, back, neck, face. Her fingers trace them all with sweet caresses and passionate grips. I can feel her through the Force, too. Our dizzying kisses are enhanced by this bizarre phenomenon that connects us. It encircles us, threading us together.

As her fingers move up my back, I can’t keep my arms from her waist. I just want to hold onto her and never let go, but I finally allow my hands to leave her body so I can cup her face. As I do, I kiss her more deeply, as intensely and as devotedly as I feel. I want to transfer everything she has ever made me feel into this one kiss. I don’t know what will happen after this moment, so I want this kiss to really count. I want this moment to matter. I want her to know how much I want her–how much I crave her.

I need her. I need her like nothing else I’ve ever needed in my entire life. Air. Water. She is everything to me.

She is my destiny.


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