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Fable Anniversary To Launch On February 4 With Free DLC On Day One

Lionhead Studios has been hard at work creating a visually stunning 1080 HD rendition of an old favorite: Fable. Soon, it will be available in North America, complete with lots of goodies.


Fable Anniversary Will Be Available February 4th

Inside each and every limited edition launch box of Fable Anniversary, users will find a code for the Launch Day Weapons and Outfits Pack, giving players access to the following:

  • Scythe’s Outfit
  • A Black Graduate Outfit
  • A Red Prophet Outfit
  • A Blue Guard Outfit
  • A Red Guard Outfit
  • A Lute Weapon
  • A Will User’s Sceptre Weapon

Those who snap up this deal will also get a Lion’s Head avatar item. Check out the complete list of outfits and other goodies over at Lionheads’ Blog.

Fable Anniversary will be available on the Xbox 360 February 4 in North America, February 6 in Asia, and February in Europe.