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Amiga 500 Emulator – Because The 80’s Were Just Better!

We can picture it now. You, dragging into work with a coffee cup in hand. You flop your briefcase down and do the same thing you do everyday: boot up Chrome and get to work (or spend the first 2 hours of the workday on Reddit. Whatever. WE don’t judge). Thanks to developer Christian Stefansen, now you have…other options.


TBT: Amiga 500 is BACK!

If you are exhausted and bored with modern technology, take a step back in time and check out this amazingly accurate and super fun Amiga 500 emulator!  Sure, if you are very much under the age of 30, you may not remember good old Amiga, but those of us that do remember, well, we are just really happy its back.

Stefansen JUST published this little gem that emulates the old 1980’s OS. Although it looks and feels like the real thing, it is actually a web app that runs in Chrome. Comprised of 400,000 lines of code (originally written in C), Amiga can do everything you remember! Now, go play and don’t get caught!