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Explore More with Discovery +

The people behind Discovery launched Discovery+ and shook the streaming service world.

Since Discovery has distribution agreements with every major platform, they will have a large fanbase. Discovery+ is going to continue its’ shake-up of the streaming service realm by expanding internationally. 

They are slated to be available in more than 25 key markets by the end of this year. 

The Discovery + Details

Discovery kept families in mind when deciding what to charge for the service. Their goal is to provide quality entertainment at an affordable price point. 

At $4.99 per month with ads and $6.99 per month for ad- free service, it is hard to dispute that Discovery+ is anything but inexpensive. 

The shows that will be available on the service vary from lifestyle, true crime, home improvement, food, adventure, and plenty more. 

If you already have several streaming services and are reluctant to try another, do not worry; you can try Discovery+ for seven days as a trial.

The streaming service is available on several mobile operating systems and a wide range of TV’s and browsers. This makes it so that you essentially have no limit to where you can watch Discovery+. 

Worried about having to compete with your family or roommates to utilize Discovery+? 

There is no need to worry because you can create five user-profiles, and up to four people can stream Discovery+ at the same time. 

If you are tired of paying for live TV, dislike commercials, dislike paying extra for sports channels that you do not use, then Discovery+ might just be the perfect streaming service for you. 

Even with the advertisement free subscription to Discovery+ you would save quite a bit of money each month.

The Discovery + Deal

One thing to keep in mind is that Discovery+ does not include linear channels, and you won’t have new episodes of series until after the season ends.

If watching live and watching previous seasons of shows is important to you, you would have to obtain a cable subscription and your Discovery+ subscription.

It is also important to keep in mind that the service is new and will likely need updates to fix user interface issues.

Some issues you might experience are a lack of an indicator for shows or episodes that you have already watched, highlighting new content, updating your list when new episodes are added, and giving you the ability to customize the speed you watch content on.

You might not be able to download episodes for offline viewing yet. This might be especially upsetting to you if you plan to mainly utilize Discovery+ on a mobile device. 

Being able to download episodes to watch offline is a great option since you do not have to worry about buffering. 

While this service is not yet available, it does not mean that it will never be available on Discovery+.

Discovery + Is Good But Not Great Yet

The lack of a favorites list, inability to watch shows unless you have discovery+ regardless of whether you have a cable subscription, and software issues are other things to keep in mind. If you simply want the option to be commercial-free and are a fan of the type of content available on Discovery+, try the free trial and see if it would be one of your primary streaming services. 


The Discovery platform should have a host of wonderful content to browse that should should provide an added boost your list of options. But the initial effort will not be met with enthusiasm by all. As the streaming world progresses, everyone expects higher quality when it comes to new offerings. Why? Because individuals are used to a higher level of quality.

Netflix and firms like Disney + are leading the way with streaming and compelling content and keeping up with the leaders means that you must pay attention to what matters to your end audience, otherwise you might have issues like Quibi.



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