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Everything you need to know about Transmutex

Transmutex is a Geneva-based tech startup pioneering an entirely new type of nuclear energy through an innovative combination of particle accelerators from radioactive waste. From its inception, Transmutex has pledged to develop breakthrough energy mechanisms that are inherently safe and carbon-free while reducing piles of radioactive waste materials.

This is a compelling company because there are those who wonder how to deal with radioactive waste. This company might have the solution to this issue.

Let’s find out more about Transmutex and how it is bringing about technology to mitigate radioactive waste.


Transmutex Is A Recently Formed Company

Transmutex was founded in 2019 by Federico Carminati (a nuclear scientist), Jean-Pierre Revol (former CERN scientist), and Franklin Servan-Schreiber (entrepreneur). The company’s goal is to create a demonstration prototype of a thorium plant by the early 2030s.


The Transmutex Innovation


The tech-startup adopts innovations that combine proton accelerators and subcritical thorium reactors to convert dangerous nuclear waste into stable elements producing electricity and energy.

Transmutex uses CERN-tested technologies to offer its consumer segments more secure nuclear reactor designs than those currently used in the industry. The tech startup’s rectors is supposed to reduce the adverse effects of radioactive waste materials by a factor of 1,000.

In particular, Transmutex uses transmutation processes to reduce the dangerousness of radioactive materials. The transmutation process produces energy by bombarding long-lived waste atoms with fast neutrons.

In essence, Transmutex uses thorium reactors with particle accelerators because of the many advantages. For instance, most thorium by-products have shorter radioactive decay times than uranium (300 years vs. 300,000 years). Similarly, the amount of hazardous waste released from thorium reactors is significantly reduced (a few kilograms vs. tons).

The thorium cycle is also considered to present the advantage of minimizing nuclear proliferation. A report from IAEA terms the thorium cycle as intrinsically proliferation-resistant. It would be highly impractical to use this product to manufacture atomic bombs.

Transmutex Has Adequate Financing

The nuclear tech company recently secured its first round of financing. The company’s website reveals that the finances collected in the initial stage are currently facilitating the development of the architecture of its future sub-critical reactor and reactor based on simulation programs. The process includes demonstrating the efficiency and safety of the operations.

Apart from its core founders, Transmutex also collaborates with various stakeholders in the industry and research centers with high levels of expertise in waste separation. The tech startup is currently initiating negotiations with nuclear research centers to collaborate on a pilot project.

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