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Everything Coming to Netflix in December

December is a huge month for Netflix, and it’s time to take a comprehensive look at every movie and TV show scheduled for this month. The list of deliverables ready for us this month shows that we’re somehow stepping up from the past pandemic-tainted years. Below is a complete list of December content from Netflix, including new entries. 

December 5, 2021, on Netflix 

  1. JAPAN SINKS: People of Hope– Season 1 of a Japanese drama about a looming natural disaster with 8 episodes. 

December 6, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Voir (Season 1) – A documentary series by David Fincher.
  2. Our Beloved Summer– Season 1 of a Korean love comedy.
  3. David and the Elves– A Christmas movie.

December 7, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Go, Dog. Go! – Season 2 of the adventurous pups Scooch and Tag.
  2. Centaurworld– Season 2 of the film featuring Nowhere King and Horse. 
  3. Nicole Byer: BBW (Big Beautiful Weirdo)– Stand-up special from “Nailed It” host.

December 8, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Carolin Kebekus: The Last Christmas Special from Germany.

December 9, 2021, on Netflix

  1. SHAMAN KING– The sequel features more episodes of the anime series.
  2. Asakusa Kid- A biopic film from Japan about a comedy apprentice.
  3. Bathtubs Over Broadway– A comedy documentary.
  4. The Family That Sings Together: The Camargos– A Zeze Di Camargo docusoap. 

December 10, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Two– A horror film with conjoined dual.
  2. The Unforgivable– A film featuring Sandra Bullock treated as an enemy of the people.
  3. Saturday Morning All Star Hits! – A debut of an adult animation series.
  4. The Shack – A fantasy film that features Octavia Spencer and Sam Washington with a mystery surrounding an abandoned shack. 
  5. Still Out of My League– An Italian rom-com
  6. Aranyak– Season 1 of an Indian crime film
  7. How to Ruin Christmas– The second season of the holiday-themed comedy series from South Africa.
  8. Back to the Outback– An animated film 
  9. Roaring Twenties: Austin– A new reality series showing people’s experience in the 20s age groups.

10.Anonymously Yours– A Mexican film

December 11, 2021, on Netflix

  1. The Hungry and the Hairy– The first season of a reality series from Korea.
  2. Fast Color– A sci-fi movie that stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

December 13, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Eye in the Sky– An action war thriller featuring Alan Rickman and Helen Mirren.

December 14, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Russell Howard: Lubrican– Russell Howard’s British documentary.
  2. Bonus Family- The fourth season of a Swedish comedy. 
  3. The Future Diary– A Japanese rom-com.
  4. StarBeam: Beaming in the New Year– A kids’ special animation.

December 15, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Masha and the Bear– The fifth series of a Russian kids special.
  2. Black Ink Crew New York– A New York reality series featuring tattoo artists. 
  3. Teen Mom 2– Season 3 of an MTV series.
  4. The Challenge– Season 12 of a competition series. 
  5. Selling Tampa– A new spin-off to Selling Sunset
  6. The Hand of God– An Italian drama.
  7. The Giver– A romantic sci-fi film featuring Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges.

December 16, 2021, on Netflix

  1. The Guardian- A Vietnamese horror movie.
  2. Aggretsuko– The fourth season of the adventurous film.
  3. Puff: Wonders of the Reef– A nature documentary.
  4. A Naija Christmas- A comedy Christmas film.
  5. Darkest Hour- A biopic of Winston Churchill starring Gary Oldman. 
  6. A California Christmas: City Lights- A holiday rom-com.

December 17, 2021, on Netflix

  1. The Witcher (Season 2)
  2. Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Homecoming– Final season of the animated series based on Fast and Furious franchise.
  3. Decoupled– An Indian comedy series featuring Surveen Chawla and R Madhavan.

December 18, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Oldboy- An action drama starring Josh Brolin.
  2. Single’s Inferno– A Korean dating drama.
  3. Bulgasal: Immortal Souls– A fantasy thriller series from Korea.

December 19, 2021, on Netflix

  1. What Happened in Oslo / Bortført– A movie about terrorist organizations targeting Israelis. 

December 20, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Elite Short Stories: Samuel Omar

December 21, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster– A stand-up special.
  2. Grumpy Christmas– A Spanish comedy about the festive season

December 22, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Badanamu ABC TV Series– A Korean educational series.
  2. Emily in Paris– The second season featuring Emily in Paris.
  3. Badanamu POP– A Korean series featuring Bada and his allies.

December 23, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Will You Marry?– A Filipino drama.
  2. Elite Short Stories: Patrick.

December 24, 2021, on Netflix (Christmas Eve!)

  1. Don’t Look Up– A thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  2. Vicky and Her Mystery / Mystère– A French Family drama. 
  3. 1000 Miles from Christmas– A Spanish movie for Christmas.
  4. Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous– The first season of the MTV comedy series. 
  5. Stand by Me Doraemon– A kids’ special animated film.
  6. Daughter From Another Mother– A Mexican comedy series.
  7. The Silent Sea– A South Korean Sci-fi series.

December 25, 2021, on Netflix (Christmas)

  1. Stories of a Generation – with Pope Francis– Docuseries.
  2. Jimmy Carr: His Dark Material– A stand-up special

December 26, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Lulli– A Brazilian comedy.

December 28, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Word Party Presents: Math!– A New special for kids.

December 29, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer– A limited docuseries from the Crime Scene.
  2. Anxious People (Limited Series)– A miniseries featuring a bank robbery gone awry.

December 30, 2021, on Netflix

  1. Hilda and the Mountain King- The film follows kids series.
  2. Kitz (Season 1)– A German drama. 

December 31, 2021, on Netflix (New Year’s Eve!)

  1. Stay Close (Limited Series)– A Harlan Coben series. 
  2. Queer Eye (Season 6)– A new roster of heroes.
  3. Cobra Kai (Season 4)– Season 4 of The Karate Kid spin-off.
  4. The Lost Daughter– A character drama featuring Olivia Colman
  5. Seal Team – An animated film featuring a team of seals fighting a gang of sharks.

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