Escape Games – Murder Mystery is available now on iOS

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EDMONTON, CANADA – February 28, 2022 — Vincell Studios celebrates the iOS release of its widely popular detective game Escape Games – Murder Mystery. This escape game has an original storyline with surprising twists and tricky puzzles that will keep you hooked until the end.

Hidden Escape: Murder Myster was chosen as a runner-up in the indie games category at India Game Developer Conference 2021 (IGDC). It was also featured on Google Play shortly after. With more than 3000 reviews on Google Play, its user rating is 4.5 Stars. Those who have experienced the game, praise the puzzles, graphics, and story.  

“The game is an amalgamation of our two great loves – escape room puzzles, and classic whodunit mysteries inspired by the legendary novelist Agatha Christie,” said Kathir Suyambu, CEO of Vincell Studios.

Dive into the ultra-glamorous world of Reality TV with the protagonists, Mallory and Mark. They are on the cruise ship with their agendas, but the murder of a fellow contestant brings them closer. They launch a rudimentary investigation and discover shocking truths about everyone on board. Then there is the terrifying realization that the murderer is amongst them! 

Don on the detective hat and join the amateur duo in finding hidden objects, interrogating witnesses, and analyzing samples. Help them catch the killer before it’s too late! 

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About Vincell Studios: 

Vincell Studios is a group of exceptional gamers who came together in 2017 with a single-minded vision of creating seriously engaging games. We’re an indie game startup that’s bustling with talented designers, artists, developers, writers, and animators. We started as a group of 4 individuals and today are a 20+ team working across the country – and we’re only growing! We devote ourselves to creating thrilling adventure games that have unique storylines, fascinating visuals, and mind-boggling puzzles.

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