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Egoraven: Heir of the First Unicorn

There are so many things to love about Daphne Lage’s Egoraven: Heir of the First Unicorn that it’s difficult to know where to start so, I want to unpack this in a way that will help you appreciate the work that has gone into this publication.

Firstly, I am honored that Daphne asked me to review her book because I am fairly new to the comic books industry and secondly, I am a huge fan of her fantasy art and sketches. She is personable and very open about the craft of making comic books with the plethora of content on her YouTube channel.

If you are at all familiar with Lage’s artwork, you will easily recognize her signature style of bold outlines with intricate detail within the framework. I am personally fascinated by how she captures facial expressions, yet a quick study of how she draws her characters’ face shows what many artists try to achieve yet fall short of – a mastery in using simplicity for the greatest impact.

Preview of Egoraven Art

Egoraven Review Continued

Without giving away any spoilers, I can say that this is a coming of age tale. Egoraven is a product of two worlds and fits in neither. I point that out because I can totally relate to Egoraven; not being “Korean enough” to fit in on my mother’s side and being “too Asian” to be considered Caucasian. It affected my relationships with family and was the bane of my existence during grade school.

Egoraven is a strong protagonist on a classic hero’s journey that is fraught with conspiracy and chicanery. She will be tested. Heroes and villains will eventually be revealed which leaves the reader anticipating the next issue.

Before we get there, you need to get Egoraven: Heir of the First Unicorn Issue #1 which is available on Kickstarter on January 4, 2021.

More About Daphne Lage

Daphne Lage is a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer located in New York. She is known for her self-published comic titled TALL TAILS. Daphne also specializes in traditional media with pen and ink illustration as well as digital coloring.

In addition to her own comics vlog, you can often find her on the Indie Volt network, livestreaming as a guest or co-chair on Indie Volt LIVE with Varian Grant (Tuesdays at 9PM ET), Geekgasm with The Indie Princess (Wednesday at 9PM ET) and Sunday Funnies with Randy Zimmerman (Sunday at 9AM ET).

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