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Easy Ways to Incorporate Your Geeky Personalities Into Your Wedding

On a day as significant as your wedding, you want every decoration and moment in the ceremony to reflect your values. For geeks getting married, it can give both of you an opportunity to revel in your geekiness together regardless of how old or young you may be. While over 90% of marriages in the United States and most of the Western world begin before individuals turn 50, you can enjoy the geeky wedding of your dreams at any age. Whether you’re college sweethearts or lucky enough to have found each other in your golden years, the following tips will simplify blending your nerdy style with practical wedding planning.

Embrace Your Geeky Side

There’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself in every aspect of your wedding. After all, it’s your special day! When your geeky style is central to your wedding planning process, the statistics have your back. As Wedding Planner Institute shares, 51% of women and 47% of men can pinpoint their chief driving force in wedding planning as “personal style.” Nerdy folks are no different on that front.

You’re Never Too Old for a Geeky Wedding

Although you may think that lightsaber centerpieces or Dungeons and Dragons wedding favors have an age limit, you can never outgrow a dorky wedding theme. From TV shows like Star Trek to scientific interests like collecting rocks, there are all kinds of hobbies that geeks may treasure from a young age. These hobbies frequently grow with us into adulthood. Whether you’re 25 or 105, your geeky side should show at your wedding if it’s important to you.

For Unique Products, Scour the Web

Online sellers like Amazon may be the best place to find specialty wedding items related to your favorite fandom. As Amazon shares, sellers on the website sold over 3.6 billion products with a pace of 7,400 items selling every minute on average in 2022. With that scale and speed, Amazon’s efficient process equips them to ship your wedding items quickly so you know you will have them by the time the big day arrives.

If your favorite brand of nerdiness involves vintage items, a better online retailer choice might be eBay or Etsy. On both websites, thousands of vintage items go up for sale by sellers of all scales. Unlike purchasing them from a random website online, buying vintage items from eBay and Etsy protects you from problems like sellers misrepresenting an item or defrauding buyers. They also have a streamlined buying process that makes it easy to click a few buttons, input your payment information, and have your vintage wedding items shipped to your doorstep or venue. If you want to have rare items at your wedding, eBay and Etsy can make it easier to find them than combing through every thrift and consignment store within a hundred-mile radius of your home.

While planning your wedding, you should consider how you might mix a geeky theme into every part of the ceremony and reception. From the place cards at the reception to the bridesmaids’ accessories, no detail should be left unconsidered. Whether you want to make your nerdy style known loudly and proudly throughout the wedding or prefer quiet nods to your preferred geek interests here and there, there are so many ways to make your big day perfect for you and your future spouse.

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