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EaseUS: Affordable And Reliable Windows Server Backup Software

Anyone with a home computer knows that regularly backing up their computer is something that is an absolute must. After all, computers aren’t designed to last forever, and one simple system failure could result in years of important data being wiped out in a single stroke. Just imagine how much information the average business would lose if they did not perform back-ups, yet it still happens to this day. A part of the problem is that businesses believe they can’t afford to save all of their information to servers, and it’s not until they experience a disaster that they realize the cost of not doing so is far greater.

EaseUS Makes Backup Easy

What many people are surprised to learn is that server backup software is actually incredibly affordable, especially if you decide to go with EaseUS. Their backup and data migration software costs about 50% less on average than what their competitors are selling theirs at, yet still comes with all the features and benefits you would get with those higher priced options. Furthermore, the one-click software is an absolute snap to use, which means your IT team will have more time on their schedule to devote to more pressing issues.



The benefits of using the EaseUS backup software are far too many to list here, but let’s take a look at just a few, which should be more than enough to make your decision an easy one. The most obvious is that the software is affordable, easy to use, and backs up to servers that are incredibly safe and secure. You can choose to back up or restore all of your data, or you can simply configure the software so that only specific files are saved. You can schedule your back-ups to be done automatically and can save time and space by opting to only back-up changes made since your previous back-up.

Recovering your data is as easy as backing it up, and can basically be done in a matter of mere minutes. There really is no need to panic if your business experiences a catastrophic failure, as you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your data is all safe, and that you can be fully operational again in no time at all. When restoring, you have the option to recover everything or simply those files that have been damaged or corrupted. In short, you have an incredible amount of flexibility when choosing what to back-up and what to restore.
The EaseUS backup software is perfect for personal or business use and is available to businesses of all sizes. If you need more than a single server to host all of your data, EaseUS has you covered. You can choose up to 6 servers, and all at a substantial savings. The more servers you require, the bigger the discount you will receive for the service. If you are concerned about losing all of your valuable data, you need to think about backing it all up right now. EaseUS have finally given you an affordable option and the perfect reason to back-up right now.