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Downton Abbey’s Season 5 Kicks Off 2015! (Spoilers)

Are you excited for the return of Downton Abbey?

If you answered with, “I’m never excited,” then congratulations! You got the reference! And you’re also a terrible liar.

If you said, “I am not amused,” then you got a different but still epic reference, and you’re still a terrible liar.

Downton Abbey Returns!

Downton Abbey will return for its fifth season on the 4th of January, meaning that 2015 is starting off with its best foot forward.

However, this Downton Abbey has some tricks up its fancy sleeve. Oh, don’t worry too much. The drama, comedy, romance, and general Britishness is all still there. The characters are just as quirky and lovable as always.

So, What’s New?

Executive producer Gareth Neame hinted at a few teasers viewers can expect to see in the fifth season. One of those storylines examines the impact of Anna’s rape, an event that shocked many for its dark subject matter. However, the show has been full of sudden dark turns, such as Cora losing her baby after slipping in the bathroom.

Neame also stated that the Dowager Countess has a “brilliant storyline this season” but refused to say anything further. So the mysteries of our Professor Mcgonagall will have to wait.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, downton abbey's season 5 kicks off 2015! (spoilers), entertainment

Another anticipated storyline in the new season deals with Mary and her suitors. In a way, Neame says, Stevens’ departure from the show had a silver lining, as it allowed them to travel in an entirely new direction. After all, many fans want Mary to be happy again, but would be equally upset if the show went Glee and resolved its conflicts right away or just sort of abandoned them in the drawing room. Whoever she picks, if anyone, (though the team Tony versus team Charles debate is real), Neame has clear intentions to have her handle that choice carefully. Also on the romantic front, Neame makes no promises with the relationship between Carson and Mrs. Hughes, but he does acknowledge that they are one of “the Downton relationships,” as they embody romantic love and companionship.

What that long paragraph boils down to is Neame saying: “NO SPOILERS”.

Downton Abbey has also been known for how it has reacted to the real world events around it (The Great War, hello?) This season, set in 1924, sees the first socialist government elected into power (put down those pitchforks, HUAC, this occurs in the UK). Sure, it only lasted a year, but that the socialists held power demonstrated the end of an autocratic era. And Downton Abbey assuredly has plans to reflect that as well.

All in all, Downton Abbey’s season 5 is shaping up to match its predecessors in excellence. I know I’m already excited for the new year.