Download the New Google Play Store 4.0

Finally, the completely redesigned version of Google Play store 4.0 is out and it’s available for download. You can get it for your device without having to wait for Google to send an update. We had already seen a few leaked screenshots of the Google Play store 4.0, but yesterday Google made it official.

The new version of the Play store is much cleaner and simpler than the previous one and it also makes buying content even easier. Google is officially pushing out the new Play store update to all devices running Android 2.2 or above, but we all know that it will take quite some time before it reaches every Android device out there. Google has stated that the new Play store will arrive on all devices over the next few weeks – yeah, that’s a long time and I know you just can’t wait to experience the all new Play store. Well, fortunately we have the updated APK for the Play store and you can install it right now on any Android device simply.

Follow the simple instructions below. (even though it’s a fairly simple process and it’s highly unlikely to damage your device, but keep in mind that we’re not responsible if you break something or kill someone in the process)

  • First of all download the Google Play store 4.0 APK from here. 
  • Now, enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s settings menu. 
  • Install the APK and wait for it to finish. 
  • Voila! You’ve got the new Play store, enjoy! 

This will only work on devices running Android 2.2 Froyo or higher.

The new Play store 4.0 brings a lot of new features and a brand new look to the Play store. It works fine on the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus (I personally tested it) so it should work fine on all devices. This is not unofficial and you don’t need a rooted device to install it, so don’t worry.

You’ll keep receiving future updates to the Play store with this APK. If you have already received the update then you’re lucky, but if you haven’t received the update so far then this is the fastest and most easiest way to get it. If you run into any problem then shoot us a comment below. Don’t forget to share your views on the new look as well.