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Doug Bradley Unleashes Horror in ‘Thorns’ – A Must-See!

Horror enthusiasts and cinephiles alike, rejoice! The master of terror, Doug Bradley—best known for his bone-chilling portrayal of Pinhead in the iconic Hellraiser series—returns to the screen in the spine-tingling new film Thorns. Here at Geek Insider, we’ve received an exclusive peek at what promises to be an unforgettable thrill ride that will not just unsettle but will firmly plant itself in the nightmares of its viewers. In fact, Bradley’s outstanding contributions to horror cinema were recently lauded when he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 New York City Horror Film Festival. In Thorns, he delivers a performance that expertly threads the needle between mentorship and terror, playing a guiding force to an ex-priest turned NASA agent sent to a silent observatory to investigate a perplexing radio signal from the cosmos. What starts as a scientific mission quickly escalates into a battle with otherworldly forces as the signal triggers the emergence of a monstrous entity. With hellish twists at every corner, the film explores themes of faith, science, and the supernatural in a way that only Douglas Schulze could envision.

THORNS (2023) Official Trailer (HD) Doug Bradley

With a screenplay that’s as sharp as the thorns it’s named for, Schulze—who also serves as director—has assembled an impressive cast including Cassandra Schomer, Jon Bennett, and Bo Schumaker alongside Bradley. Together, they form a team that embarks on a chilling journey, underscoring Schulze’s knack for storytelling that captures the darkest regions of the imagination. This gripping narrative is a fresh addition to the horror genre and is sure to secure a spot as a fan favorite. Thorns is not just another horror flick; it’s a tortuous labyrinth where former convictions must be confronted, and the most profound fears are brought to life. Enthusiasts waiting to be ensnared by its tendrils can feast their anticipation on the Official Trailer, which promises an experience resonant with the signature style that Emagine Entertainment is proud to bring to the big screen. As we’ve come to expect from Emagine—the leader in luxury cinema experiences—audiences are guaranteed not just a movie but a fully immersive event that stays with you long after you leave the theater. Remember, Thorns isn’t just a film; it’s an experience, one that whisks you to the edge of terror and dares you to look down. Make sure to catch it on the biggest screens in the purest sound ambiances possible, because Thorns pierces through the ordinary to mark the extraordinary in horror filmmaking.

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