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Diablo 4 Marks an Enrapturing Return to the Franchise’s Evil Roots

When Diablo 3 was unveiled to the world in 2012, it became the best-selling game of the year. But that did not absolve it from the sins of giving up the franchise’s bone-chilling horror aesthetic for a more lighthearted vibe, and trading in the thrilling loot system for a significant overhaul to in-game purchases. 

The Reaper of Souls expansion in 2014 set out to right those wrongs and became quite successful in the process, setting the Diablo legacy back on track. In the process, it also made the announcement of Diablo 4 all that more appealing yet dreadful to long-time fans. 

But it looks like there’s more, much more, when it comes to this franchise.

Is Diablo 4 also going to give up its dread-inducing world setting for cartoony art? Is it also introducing broken features that would be rectified later? Most importantly, does it replicate the signature Diablo feeling at all? With the game set to release in less than a week, we now have the answers at hand. 

Diablo 4 Brings Fantastic Art

For starters, the Diablo 4 art style makes a marvelous return to the franchise’s macabre setting. From the dark tones to the horrifying demons and everything in between, the game takes you back to the roots of evil in Sanctuary, the world between Heaven and Hell that is closer in feel to the latter than it is to the former. 

The Diablo 4 aesthetic is so wonderfully reminiscent of pure evil that it instantly reminds you why Diablo has become the powerhouse franchise that players cannot get enough of despite its previous problems. Right out of the bat, this is the strongest selling point of this latest offering in the title.

Diablo Presents An Interesting Story

While the overall story progression could do with some improvements, the setting that centers Lilith, the main antagonist of Diablo 4, is nothing short of riveting. As the cult leader of Sanctuary, Lilith exudes power in undeniable form. The cutscenes that involve her could give any modern movie a run for its money. This especially holds true for the final cutscene, which will have you thinking about the game weeks after you finish it, if not for months.

While Diablo 4 is not pay to win, it does have microtransactions set up in the in-game shop. But if you want to become a winner visit the Australian casino Rickycasino. However, it is not as bad as Diablo 3, where the easiest way to upgrade your character came from spending your hard-earned money on store items. In Diablo 4, you can find Legendary items with in-game actions and imprint them on other objects in your possession to permanently upgrade them. This not only gives you a way to enhance your character, but also delivers the excitement of discovering what different objects can do with the same imprint from  a Legendary object. 

Diablo 4 GamePlay

Diablo 4 gameplay introduces an open world setting, which allows you to get through Sanctuary without the confinement of restricted areas. This has its pros and cons. For instance, it brings upon the advantage of exploring the world as you please, but takes away the adventurous sensation of being trapped in a cloistered environment. At the same time, it adds more gameplay experience if you want to explore Sanctuary at your own convenience. 

Along with the open world, you can also benefit from Legion events and random world events including Helltide, which helps you obtain rare objects through dungeons that have Nightmare Sigils. All of this takes you through the other dungeons of Sanctuary to help you get closer and closer to completing the story and save the world in the Diablo universe yet again. 

Diablo is set to launch on June 6, 2023, with early release planned for June 1.

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