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Delivery of the Future and the Current Methods of Tracking

The contemporary technology is developing at a fast pace, and the sectors of shipping and logistics are also experiencing unprecedented modernization and innovation. The leaders of international tracking haste to try new technologies of shipment delivery such as drone delivery and innovative sorting centers for cargo processing. The Cambridge University issued an innovative shipment model called ‘The Mole’ – a fantastic system of underground transportation.

With all those changes in mind, the only answer to the question, “what will the delivery of the future look like?” the only answer experts give is “faster, ways faster.” But what is the place of precision and real-time tracking of cargo or container tracking in the innovative shipment methods? Let’s deal with each of the proposed innovations in more detail to identify the destiny of postal service tracking of the future.

Drone Delivery – a Realistic Option

Drone delivery is not the matter of a distant future; as the UPS experts reported, it is already the reality of today. UPS tested such a delivery method in February 2017 and are now expanding its use in the residual delivery. Though the method has been used only for short-term distances to avoid the drone’s interception and to guarantee the shipment’s integrity, the technique was deemed workable and highly efficient in terms of optimizing the delivery speed and timing.

What does this technology mean for the tracking number lookup? Generally, nothing special, as all recipients will be able to track any package in real time until its dispatch to the local delivery truck. Thus, the post tracking system is expected to work the same way without delays and disruptions, while drone delivery will undoubtedly affect the flow of order delivery at specific locations.

New Models for Cargo Processing

Mercedes presented a new approach to shipping and delivery in January 2018, titled “The Vision Van.” Based on its architecture, an electrically powered van controlled by a joystick, assisted with two drones, autonomously sorts and prepares parcels for delivery. Such a technological improvement definitely adds efficiency to the Mercedes facilities and presents a sustainable option for the future, but it also has a minimal impact on the online tracking process. With all labeling and registration of parcels done electronically, the possibility of your shipment’s loss or delayed reporting of its arrival is minimal.

Will Global Package Tracking Evolve?

Yes, it will, together with the shippers. However, if the global track and trace sector is assessed as it is now, we can see that it has already evolved substantially. Users can track their parcels in real time and receive the fullest information about the route and current location of their shipment. The global tracking systems are already in place, so postal tracking has become accessible for everyone from the comfort of any personal gadget.

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