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‘The Crew’ Closed Beta Running Live, Access in Preorder

Since Monday August 25th, Ubisoft’s The Crew has been firing on all cylinder, running through this Friday, August 29. If you’re excited for Ubisoft’s upcoming racing RPG this is a perfect chance to give yourself a trial run, but unfortunately the only way into the Beta is by preordering the game. Forking over $59.99 to Uplay is not exactly a fun thing to do, even if you do get a bunch of DLC extras for preordering. Fortunately we found a way slightly alleviate the financial burden.

The game showed up for preorder this week at digital retailer GMG and Gamefly, with both having different types of discount. For the standard edition, the best bet is to grab from GMG with a $12 credit, giving you instant beta access until this Friday. For the Gold Edition, Gamefly has a 20% off coupon and will provide you with beta access on Thursday August 28th.

Link to the preorder deals:

Activating your Beta key is easy. First thing you’ll need is a Uplay account (sorry if you don’t like Ubisoft’s DRM, it is what it is). Once you’re sent a Beta key via email, on the Uplay main page in the top right corner is an “Activate Product” cog icon. Click on that and enter you key, the download should start up right away.

What Else Do I Get For Preordering The Crew?

Basically preordering The Crew bumps you up from the standard edition of the game to the “Limited Edition”. The Limited Edition starts you off with 10,000 bonus crew credits and 3 exclusive street edition car packs. These packs will give you a ton of extra customization options for the Dodge RAM SRT-10, BMW Z4, and Mini Cooper S.

The Gold Edition gets you even more content. In addition to everything mentioned in the limited edition, gold gets you The Crew Season Pass. The Season Pass includes two additional cars, new car stickers, paint Jobs, unlocked tuning specs, and four additional car packs.