Creative Projects You Could Make With a 3D Printer

Creative projects you could make with a 3d printer
Creative projects you could make with a 3d printer

Just like wholesale printing, more people are starting to use 3D printing technology for various tasks, and if you have access to a 3D printer, you could join them! Start creating projects ranging from handheld items to printing different parts for a larger object such as a machine to print product labels. Some ideas may even kickstart your creativity! Here are a few creative projects to make with a 3D printer that will open avenues for new thinking and creative freedom.

When it comes to a 3D printer, in a way, it’s similar to a traditional printer; you get to create, and you can use your creations for decoration or whatever you please. It’s this incredible creative aspect that honestly makes it so incredible. While for traditional printers, creating it is cheaper, as you can click here to find cheap ink cartridges, and paper is affordable, it’s not like that with 3D printing. Sure, it’s a bit pricier, but it’s so rewarding getting to see what you created in 3D, something you can not only see but get to feel, too! The whole experience is regarding, so getting to create projects is something you definitely shouldn’t miss out on!

Custom Dishware

3D print custom dishware with designs and colors that you enjoy. You could create a pattern on their surface and create the size and shape you want.

The creative freedom in making dishware is one of the differences between polymer molding and 3D printing; instead of creating a plastic product from a single mold, you could print different designs during each process. Create your own sets of plates, bowls, saucers, and even utensils for your kitchen, and enjoy the artistic design you create.


If you’re a fan of LEGOs, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for fun when you 3D print parts for a toy model. 3D printing is perfect for creating plastic blocks of a single color that will combine into a structure you imagine.

If you grew up making large-scale LEGO models of houses and cruise ships, this would be the best way to reignite that creative part of yourself and build something again. With the ability to create the building blocks, you’re both the architect and the manufacturer. Use 3D printing for other LEGO products like Bionicles to make older models or create something new and reminisce on those days playing on the floor with your new toy.

Pokemon Figurines

Nine generations of Pokemon puts the population of pocket creatures at 1,008. While you may not want to catch them all, you could 3D print some of your favorites. There are numerous collectible figurines of popular Pokemon, such as Charizard, Groudon, or Braviary. Still, there are some that you may want to add to your collection that are hard to find.

Use the printer to make your figurines and start a mini Pokemon farm for your desk. You could also make keychains to take with you whenever you need some encouraging feelings from a Pokemon you love.

String Instruments

Instruments are pricey in most places unless you buy them used from an online listing. Printing the parts you need to make string instruments is a great creative project you could make with your 3D printer.

Printing parts that connect to form the body, neck, and headstock of a guitar will give you easy access to play. The instruments you make won’t be acoustic, but you’ll still have the chance to play electric styles. Guitars, violins, and even a ukelele will be at your disposal with the assistance of your 3D printer.

Many 3D projects exist that we want to work on, but our hands may not have the ability to create them from our imaginations. The future uses of the 3D printer have the potential for many magnificent and exciting projects. Use your 3D printer to bring these projects to life and create something unique.

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