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Coffee Gadgets: Be Your Own Barista

There are useful and incredible gadgets for almost everything these days. Camping tools, kitchen helpers , and even seasonal specific items can be found to aid you in any situation. One of my very favorite subjects is the awesomeness of the world’s favorite hot caffeinated beverage, sorry tea, the delectable cup of coffee.

Now more than ever, the popularity of java joints lure consumers in by the hundreds. Without dissing the industry too much, as I too enjoy a nice trip to a coffee shop with friends, there is just something about spending that kind of money on coffee every day that irks me a bit. Coffee in any form isn’t exactly cheap, but for the price of a week at the coffee shop you could pay for a month or two of coffee at home. Maybe I’m just a poor college student, but that fact alone would convince me to switch to home brewing.

If the standard coffee pot is a little boring or generic for you, there are plenty hi-tech and helpful coffee gadgets to make your home brew extra special without a whole lot of effort.


Baratza Grinders

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, coffee gadgets: be your own barista, living

Now, I’m a bit of a lazy bum. I have never bought coffee beans with the sole intention to ground them and make my morning coffee. I purchase already ground up bags of Community brand coffee, and am perfectly happy with it. Super smooth with just the right bite, and hardly any effort on my part.

But I will admit that when I do visit a coffee shop or when my friends’ offer me a cup of joe made with freshly ground beans, the difference is fairly obvious. Super delicious, but not worth the effort I would put into the grinding (again, I’m lazy, folks).

Recently, though I came across this amazing machine online and wish I could shell out the cash for one.  The Baratza line of coffee grinders are the coooolest. Each of their machines has about 40 different grinding settings that do the work for you. After the grinding, the coffee grounds fall directly into a sealable container for safe keeping.


Zevro Indispensable Coffee Dispenser


The Zevro Indispensable Coffee Dispenser is a handy little tool for keeping coffee fresh, as well as measuring out the perfect cup. In my utensil drawer at home I have three different sized spoons, and some random measuring cups, but nothing perfectly consistent for measuring out scoops of coffee. Could I simply purchase some measuring spoons? Possibly. Or I could have some fun with this neat little gadget. The dispenser ensures long lasting freshness and rations out the perfect serving of grounds all while looking incredibly sleek and fancy.

Pebo Stovetop Coffee Maker




I’ve had a gadget crush on this super cool stovetop coffee maker for years now. It’s amazingly simplistic while still making you feel like you’re participating in a high school lab experiment. No crazy electronic settings and buttons to memorize, just you, coffee grounds, and the Bodum Santos Pebo Vacuum Stovetop Coffee Maker. When the water heats up in the bottom component, it steams and rises up into the top of the coffeemaker. After reaching just the right temperature, you taken the entire gadget off of the stovetop and watch as the liquid descends back into the bottom carafe as delicious, delicious java.  This is definitely a weekend specialty for those who work full-time week long jobs. I’d love to have something like this to play with on Sunday mornings.

TopBrewer Scanomat



Now, if those weren’t high-tech and fantastic enough for you, ready yourselves for this innovation.

The Scanomat is all about being your own barista in the most stylish way possible. Controlled by an application on your mobile devices, this tap is built into your very own countertop or purchased as a standalone unit. With a few clicks on your device, you can decide the ratios and temperatures for all kinds of coffee drinks, and the tap releases the hot beverage straight into your cup of choice. It’s the coffee maker of the future, and it’s pretty dang cool.