Choosing Mattresses For Children

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Sleep is of utmost importance for children, so they require comfortable mattresses that will support their healthy growth. We offer crib mattresses, toddler bedding, and kids twin mattresses to meet every size and sleep training style need.


When selecting mattresses for children, there are many considerations that need to be made. The size of the mattress is particularly crucial since children grow rapidly and may outgrow their beds before you’re able to purchase another.

Make sure your child’s mattress fits their sleeping style; side sleepers tend to prefer softer mattresses while back and stomach sleepers often favor firmer mattress surfaces.

Size options for mattresses range from twin, full, queen, and king mattresses. While queen beds may be great for accommodating two sleepers in some bedrooms, their size may prove too expansive for other spaces. Conversely, while king beds may provide ample space, they should not be considered suitable for young kids as they could cause them to roll off the edge and fall. In most cases, twin or full mattresses provide plenty of room for growth while remaining cost-effective and long-lasting options for most households.


Kids can be hard on mattresses, from jumping on and spilling snacks onto them to jumping around or making noise while asleep. A durable innerspring and hybrid mattress is best, as it tends to outlive foam mattresses in terms of longevity and compression resistance. Also, consider investing in a mattress protector to prevent staining and dust mite infestation.

As children mature, they require greater spinal support to maintain a neutral alignment of their bodies. We, therefore, suggest medium-firm mattresses for kids as these offer more spinal support while offering additional back sleeping support. Firmer mattresses also tend to offer a more structured feel while firmer ones like WinkBed offer a traditional innerspring feel along with extra back sleeping support thanks to tall individual coils in its design.

Sleep is vitally important to children’s development and should not be neglected; it helps them excel academically, be healthy physically, and have a brighter outlook on life overall. So choose the appropriate mattress to ensure they get restful night sleep each and every night.


Newborns and infants require hard mattresses that will fit securely into their cribs or bassinets, while as children grow they may opt for softer options – but still need sturdy construction that can last through time.

Many hybrid mattresses and those featuring coil or innerspring cores tend to outlive foam models, which may lose their firmness over time. You should also search for ones featuring antimicrobial and hypoallergenic materials that won’t promote dust mite or mold growth.

Some models feature dual-sided designs to suit children of varying ages and sleeping styles, like the Saatva Youth mattress which offers two distinct sides designed to meet different age-group needs and sleep styles. One side provides zoned support to accommodate 3- to 7-year-old bodies while the other provides firmer lumbar support. Twin XL sizes may also be useful as children grow taller; these 5 inches longer mattresses make an excellent option for shared rooms as well.


When shopping for mattresses for children, it’s essential to understand their size options (from crib to California king), firmness levels, and sleep training methods. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses often make good options as they offer ample edge support with multiple firmness levels available. There are also types available, like mattresses for back pain. But, regardless of what you look at, the warranty counts. Always be aware of what you buy and what is covered. Remember that a regular home warranty does not cover your mattress. To understand more about what is actually covered, see this article here: Home warranty reviews | Cinch Home Services

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