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Check Out “The Dropout” On Hulu to Learn More about the Other side of Silicon Valley

The series starts with a woman studying a poster from the 1990s featuring Steve Jobs. The woman’s expression shows jealousy and admiration. The woman is the founder of Elizabeth Holmes. The Dropout series talks about wild ambition, duplicity, and outcome.

Have you heard about it? It is a fantastic series that sheds light on on how ambition can quickly lead one to deception at a massive scale. The issue with deception at a massive scale in the healthcare industry is that it can have an impact on lives in a deep way.

Here is what you need to know about “The Dropout” and why many people rave about this fantastic series.

A Bit Of Insight into the Startup Sector

The series is one of the new shows this year and gives an insight into the American startup industry.

The Dropout joins multiple dramas such as Super Pumped and WeCrashed in shedding light on on how innovation mixed with unethical individuals can go very wrong. Even if you have a large portion of significant names and venture capitalists involved with your company, no one may genuinely know the truth. That is, except for a few people inside the startup.

In addition to this, Big Tech titans also appear in the new TV antiheroes. It portrays the story of villains who grab the audience’s attention despite being misled. Moreover, multiple producers and casting directors have recruited big names for these TV shows. Dropout is produced by Elizabeth Meriwether, who has been a producer previously too and is also known for Zooey Deschanel Sitcom “New Girl.”

A Mystery

Meriwether saw The Dropout as a better and deeper version of the saga of Theranos and Holmes. However, when considering multiple aspects of The Dropout, it is a riddle to Meriwether. Meriwether herself noted that the deeper you dig, the more confusing this story becomes. Hence, Meriwether called it a mystery and said it would remain a mystery. Meriwether and many directors and producers have found intriguing psychological aspects in the Holmes ascent and Theranos’ demise.

Michael Showalter, who directed the first few episodes of The Dropout, said that the show felt like putting the audience into the room due to its intimacy. This is rare to find in court documents or journalistic accounts.

Another issue that the show spotlights is the conflicted relationship with tech. It highlights the dimensions of start-up culture and the mythology of CEOs.

All about The Facts

The three shows, The Dropout, Super Pumped, and WeCrashed, can also be a part of broader cultural trends and labeled the techlash. Many journalists and news channels exposed Silicon Valley’s culture when Holmes was found guilty. Moreover, through this series, Meriwether also exposed the facade created by Holmes. The actor portraying mother in Holmes explained that we live in a diverse an opaque world; hence, distinguishing between true and false is difficult. 


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