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CES 2023: Displace Launches a TV That Automatically Sticks to the Wall

At the CES 2023, many tech innovations were unveiled to the world. Some earned praise, while others failed to leave an impression. But when television startup Displace showcased a TV that automatically sticks to the wall without a mount, that really made an impression. 

It may be a small improvement to some but it is an improvement that others can appreciate.

The early Displace TV review accounts shed light on the groundbreaking 4K TV’s easy installation, wireless connectivity, gesture-control screen, and lack of a remote. These features also stand out as the most sought after offerings for the TV, which aims to redefine the way we treat our TV screens. 

The easy installation comes in the form of what Displace has dubbed the Active Loop Vacuum Technology. The tech is presented in the form of two separately looped black strips at the back of the TV, which can stick to any flat surface with a suction mechanism. The tech is built to last forever, which means that you do not have to worry about the adhesive coming off anytime soon. 

But Displace’s premiere offering is more than a TV that automatically sticks to the wall. It also overhauls the way we connect our TVs. Instead of wires and cables, it introduces batteries that can last a month with consistent use. Whereas, it connects to your favorite channels through Wi-Fi.

Display also brings about gesture control that lets you change channels and hop between apps with movements of your hand. This technology is supported by a camera at the top of the TV, which identifies your gestures and acts according to them. 

This also leads Displace to eliminate the need for a remote completely. While there is no immediate requirement for anyone to let go of their remote, especially with behemoths such as Samsung introducing solar-powered remotes, the feature still makes Displace’s offering stand out of the crowd. This works as intended, because the feature alone is getting the company and its first-ever TV a lot of attention. 

As for the other parts of the Displace TV review, the 4K screen is crisp and displays a sharp image. The features to put multiple Displace TVs together also add to the appeal of the TV, since the sticking to the wall functionality makes it easier for you to move your TV screens between rooms and temporarily install them together on a wall to create a bigger display. The company also plans to launch an app that lets you control your TV through your smartphone.

The Displace TV went on sale on January 5. However, it is yet to be seen if the TV that automatically sticks to the wall to its target audience makes any bigger splashes than a lot of buzz in the press.

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