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Cards, The Universe & Everything Scavenger Hunt

As you may have heard, Geek Insider has partnered up with Avid Games and their newest fun-filled card-collecting and battling game, Cards, the Universe and Everything (CUE).

Cue geek insider

Well.. this coming Wednesday we’ll have a full review of the game along with some great tips, AND we’ll release an exclusive CUE code to the masses. With it, you’ll get 200 Gems, 20,000 Coins and 2 Epic or better cards.

However… if you don’t want to wait until Wednesday and you’re up for a little Geek-ish scavenger hunt, you can have the code TODAY!

Just one caveat… DON’T SHARE IT!!

If someone wants the code, make them do the hunt or wait until Wednesday. There’s only 4 steps and with a little searching on our site (and maybe a little Google), the clues are easy to find… or should be anyway.

Especially if you’re a little Geeky.

Sooooo… ready to get started?

Follow each clue to a specific article on and within that article you’ll find a piece of the code, and your clue to the next article. Get all 4 pieces, put ‘em together and redeem on Cards, the Universe and Everything for your exclusive Geek Insider CUE card pack.

Your first clue is…

Know your Geek History? Find the recent article on regarding a new movie based on the book where the famous quote “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer” is from.


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