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Campaigns and Cryptocurrency with Engage Raise: The start of a beautiful relationship

The introduction of accepting crypto donations with the 2022 midterms could mean that campaigns should prepare to see more funds head their way. At the same time, it shows that there is more integration of cryptocurrency and acceptance among the political class.

That could point to the fact that specific cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and possibly ethereum, that have been cleared by the respective government entities could continue to have staying power and see their value increase over the next decade.

This is an important point to think about during bear markets as one could think that the worst is yet to come. Indeed, the cryptocurrency market may shave even more value and decimate more altcoins. Firms like Engage Raise are stepping into the picture and figuring out how they make a difference.

Here is what you need to know about EngageRaise.

Engage Raise to Launch in July

Engage Raise is a new platform that will be launching in July. It will be the application that will allow candidates to raise funds utilizing cryptocurrencies. 

The platform’s goal is to allow there to be more communication between politicians and those who are in the know about cryptocurrency. These digital donations will not mean that donors will remain anonymous. The Federal Election Commission requires that all contributions be disclosed. There have already been large amounts of funds invested into Engage Labs, the parent company of Engage Raise.

A large portion of these funds came from individuals who have a finance or business background. This ability will mean progress for campaigns. The crypto industry has already been an immovable force in Washington. Engage Raise is just assisting it to grow even more. Crypto is gaining traction in some areas but is suffering in others. Stock and crypto prices have been declining regularly as of late.  

Engage Raise is About Communication Too

An exciting characteristic of the Engage Raise platform is the ability for campaigns to communicate with donors through messaging and events. The CEO of Engage Raise is a staunch believer that the economy will be on the incline by the 2024 elections. Consumers can donate via a web browser or widgets on the campaign website. This truly is a big step for cryptocurrency. 


Cryptocurrency and platforms similar to Engage Raise will only continue to gain traction. Those that are interested in cryptocurrency and the myriad ways it can be utilized should follow Engage Raise closely. The acceptance and continued support of this platform will open many doors in the future. There are so many other areas that can incorporate cryptocurrency. Campaigns are just the beginning. 


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