Built-In Google Games to Play When You Lose Internet Access

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You can do numerous things with your phone when you have no internet connection. One of these things is gaming. Yes, you can play various games on your smartphone without the need for pre-installed apps. Below are eight free Google games that you can play to kill time when the internet is down. Note that these games are already installed on your Android device, and you only need to open your Google Games app or Google Play Store app to have fun. 

  1. Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon is one of the easiest games available for free on Google Games. You simply move from the bottom to the top while evading the numerous obstacles that come your way. You need to apply some skills here as the barriers are random, requiring you to move around them expertly. Hitting any of these obstacles is a loss, and you have to restart the game. 

Besides, it would help if you focus on increasing the point even as you avoid losing the game. Earn more points by touching as many balls as possible. Look out for multicolored balls that pop up from time to time as they carry bonus points that could see your score skyrocket within no time and make you immune to the random obstacles. 

You may not like the basic black and white colors in the game or the weird graphics and flow in the Hot Air Balloon game, but it’s an option to kill time when you don’t have internet.

  1. Solitaire

The Solitaire card game is popular, especially for idlers in offices who like arranging decks of cards into clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts. You can also smoothly arrange the cards from Ace, the lowest, to the King, the highest. You are free to choose which level you are comfortable with. If this is your first time trying out the Solitaire game, it’s wise to start with the easy level, which provides some guides for you and has a few packs of cards or you can try playing Freecell as it is relatively easy compared to the classic version of this game. However, you can also try out the hard level if you’re familiar with the complex moves involved. The experience is much fun for your leisure, especially if you love card games. 

  1. Snake

The snake game was among the first free games to ever feature in Google Games. For that reason, it has been a general favorite for many, mainly due to its simple and easy-to-follow instructions. The main objective of the snake game is to direct the snake to the food. The more the food, the more the points and the taller snake. The game has different levels that you can try out to gain more skills. 

In the easiest level, the snake moves a bit slower, and there are no boundaries in the field, meaning that the snake may disappear on one end and appear on the other. Advanced levels are faster and have boundaries that you mustn’t hit to avoid losing the game. Make sure you rush for the large food as they have bonus points and only appear for a short period. Besides, don’t let the snake bite itself, or else you lose the game. 

  1. Whirlybird

The Whirlybird game is similar to the hot air balloon game, only that you have to tilt the phone to land the Whirlybird on the edges as it bounces around. The game also has boosters that quickly thrust the Whirlybird upward. You only need to avoid the obstacles and target the random bonus point in the game. Take precaution in the first stages and see the score rates increase as you advance in the game. 

  1. Minesweeper

If you like tricky puzzle games, minesweeper should be your go-to game when your internet goes down. The game comprises a rectangular board full of square tiles with mines beneath them. Your task is to open these tiles meticulously guided by the number pattern. The main secret is to avoid opening a tile with a mine beneath it, which would make you lose the game. Ensure you open a safe tile to find a number that will help you guess the pattern and advance in the game. 

  1. Pac-Man

You’ve probably heard of the famous Pac-Man game. You control the main character, Pac-Man, who’s stuck in a maze in the game ensuring that you consume as many pellets as possible as you run away from the ghosts behind you. Target the large power pellets to become immune from the relentless ghost attacks. This is crucial to keep playing the game and advance to other levels. Note that consuming the large pellets will boost your immune and earn you more points.

  1. HopMania

As the name suggests, the hopmania game involves hopping. You start by choosing your favorite avatar for hopping around: a chicken or a frog. You need to avoid hitting the frequent obstacles by jumping as long as possible. Note that the game’s pace increases as you progress through the game presenting more obstacles along the way. 

  1. Dinosaur Game

Every time you lose connection on your Google Chrome browser, a dinosaur appears facing the right-side direction. This isn’t an object of ridicule but an alternative to keep you busy as you wait for internet restoration. Essentially, the dinosaur is a fun little built-in Google game to kill time. 

The dinosaur game was invented in the spirit of other endless runner games like Temple Run. No rocket science is involved in getting the dinosaur moving across the desert-like terrain. Once the dinosaur appears, press the “space key” to launch the game. The dinosaur is likely to encounter several cacti along the way, and you only need to press the space key to jump and avoid hitting it, or else you lose the game. The game has become so popular that Google has created a link to play the game without waiting for internet downtime.  

Google Game Alternatives

While all of these games provide a source of entertainment, sometimes gamers want additional options. Here are a few examples that resemble the games listed above:

  • Solitaire on Solitaire Bliss: the extremely popular card game can be enjoyed in all of its variations that include Freecell, Klondike, and many more. Additionally, the host site features customizable options such as card decks, backgrounds, and gamers can even check out the daily challenges.
  • Spider Solitaire on Solitaired.com: Solitaired also offers Solitaire entertaining Solitaire variants as well as other classic games like the family-favorite Yahtzee. Users can create an account for free where they can track their statistics and master each game.
  • Play Minesweeper: While the Google alternative listed is a great choice, Play Minesweeper features a fresh, colorful take on the mine-locating classic. Learn the rich history of the game, and attempt to beat it at all three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert.

You can play other games on your phone whenever your internet goes down. The Google Play Store has a variety of offline games that you can pay at any time. Check them out and download exciting games, and you’ll never slumber anytime you have a faulty internet connection.

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