BlackBerry Z10 Now Costs $0.01 on Amazon

Blackberry z10

If you ever wanted to own the first ever Full-Touch smartphone from BlackBerry, then now is the best time to do it because Amazon has cut down the price for BlackBerry Z10 down to $0.01 – We have no idea why didn’t they just make it a complete zero.

However, there’s a catch, this is not the fully unlocked version of the device but instead Amazon is selling the Verizon BlackBerry Z 10 for single penny on contract. If you want the AT&T variant of BlackBerry Z10 then head over to Best Buy to get it for $0 – no penny business there.

BlackBerry Z10: $0.01 On Amazon

Amazon’s $0.01 offer goes for both existing and new customers who agree to sign a 2-year contract with Verizon wireless. It’s not yet clear if the offer is available for a limited time or will be on going.

The BlackBerry Z10 was launched back in March this year. It was the first smartphone from BlackBerry to run the latest BlackBerry 10 (BB10) OS. At the time of its launch the BlackBerry Z10 was priced at $199.99 on contract. However, starting in July, different retailers started offering big discounts on the device and the phone’s price was cut down to $49.99.

Now that Amazon and Best Buy both offering the BlackBerry Z10 for almost nothing (literally) it raises a lot of questions regarding the phone’s popularity among the users. Some rumors state that poor sales are the main reason behind the drastic price cuts. There have been numerous reports state that the company’s expectations of the device have not been met and the sales have been quite low. The company has denied certain reports and Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry, said in a recent statement that the BlackBerry Z10 sales are fulfilling the company’s expectations.

Thorsten said, “Sales of the BlackBerry Z10 are meeting expectations and the data we have collected from our retail and carrier partners demonstrates that customers are satisfied with their devices. Return rate statistics show that we are at or below our forecasts and right in line with the industry.  To suggest otherwise is either a gross misreading of the data or a willful manipulation. Such a conclusion is absolutely without basis and BlackBerry will not leave it unchallenged.”

The company denied the fact that price cuts are due to the lack of success of the BlackBerry Z10 and hinted that this move could be a way of making room for a new device that could launch in the near future.

There have been various rumors regarding the company’s next flagship device, the BlackBerry A10, so there’s a strong possibility that retailers are getting ready for the next device and clearing out the current stock with drastic price cuts.

Stock Clearance or Lack of popularity, it doesn’t matter, the $0.01 price tag for BlackBerry Z10 is actually a steal, so head over to Amazon if you want one for yourself.