Black Panther: Straight Outta Wakanda!

Chadwick boseman

Fundamental Element

Black Panther is already showing a potential to stir controversy as it boasts a majority African-American cast and presents a title that might call for a double take. However, following the original comics, the story of the Black Panther finds its setting in the fictional African country of Wakanda. As for the Black Panther’s handle, it actually predates that of the origination of the Black Panther Party, though by only a few months, yet has no affiliation. Pay no mind to the controversial undertow that would have you believe this creation to be political in nature. Only those existing somewhere beyond the boundary lines of the comic community will follow such controversial misleadings. Wakanda and the Black Panther are fundamental to the Marvel Universe as a whole.

What do you know about Wakanda?

There’s more to this place than textiles. The African nation is shrouded in secrecy as it seeks to safeguard itself as the only known source for the super-realms most coveted element, Vibranium. Vibranium is a nearly indestructible super element that has been found to have implanted itself into many forms as it’s permeated the region since a mass meteor dove deep beneath the earth of Wakanda long ago. Vibranium absorbs vibrations of all kind without repercussion, making it practically indestructible. Ideal for weaponry and body armor alike.

Wakanda the Bedrock for Superheroes

Wakanda and Vibranium go hand in hand and the Marvel Universe doesn’t exist without them. In fact some of the most spotlighted superheroes in the cinematic world owe homage to the country. For example, Captain America’s iconic shield is fashioned from a Vibranium based compound. There’s also reasonable suspicion that the radioactive spider that made Peter Parker more than a delivery boy was also carrying the kinetic energy halting super-element. Not to mention Daredevil’s bulletproof outfit depends on Vibranium as its active ingredient. 

An apparent third world country, it would make sense that one would only imagine textiles, leopards, and cool outfits in summary of Wakanda. However, there’s more to the story. Wakanda is a self preserving culture and community that’s actively safeguarded itself from outside influence by maintaining secrecy by upholding the superficial image of an underdeveloped nation. Able to do so for the fact that they’re technologically outmatching the rest of the world 10 to 1. 

The Black Panther

T’Challa is his name and he’s just inherited the throne in lieu of the death of his father T’Chaka. Wakanda’s vibranious soil has interlocked with the plant and animal life and has birthed a tree that produces a heart-shaped herb that, when consumed, mystifies T’Challa’s body making him superhuman, increasing his speed and strength astronomically! With the source of Vibranium at his finger tips, the Black Panther’s suit is indestructible and outfitted with Wolverine-like claws that extend and retract from his paws in true panther like form.

Making History

Marvel at this! Not only was Black Panther the first mainstream black comic book superhero but will also be the first cinematic comic to feature an African-American superhero/supervillain tandem!

Chadwick Boseman

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Staring in the film is Chadwick Boseman. Anderson, South Carolina raised him but in Wakanda he’s the King. Expect a flawless performance from Chadwick as he’s already suited up as the Black Panther for Marvel: Civil War. Not only has he already fit the bill for superhero but he’s also dominated in the lead role of Get on Up where he embodied the late superstar James Brown.

Michael B. Jordan

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Of course as King the Black Panther’s inherent reign won’t go without challenge, thus introducing fellow Wakandan and rival supervillain Erik Killmonger. As seen in the recent teaser trailer, Killmonger will be played by Michael B. Jordan whom will seek to dethrone T’Challa. Since Michael started his acting career in The Sopranos in the late 90’s, he’s remained immovable from the set highlighting his career as Wallace in The Wire, quarterbacking as Vince Howard in the TV series Friday Night Lights, and actually has a character in the video game NBA2K17. Not to mention he outshined the controversy in his part with the Fantastic Four where he played Jonathan Storm aka the Human Torch who in comic book form was depicted as a caucasian.

The stage is set.  The production is nearly complete.  Are you ready for this blockbuster?


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